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Benjamin Fulford investigates a mysterious plasma weapon seen prior to the Niigata earthquake in July 2007 and Red, White & Blue HAARP lights near the epicenter prior to the recent quake in China. Taiwan satellites measured a 50% drop in ionospheric energy above the Sichuan epicenter on the day before the quake. Both earthquakes targeted nuclear military facilities... coincidence or war crime?
21 Sep 2009
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The clip meeting with bernie from The Paper (1994) with Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton It's early. Let me look at it. This jerk on the phone wants a correction on the quake story. You have an early proof from yesterday? I hate columnists! Why do I have all these columnists? I got political columnists, guest columnists... celebrity columnists- The only thing I don't have is a dead columnist. That's the kind I could really use. Right. Listen- We reek of opinions. What every columnist at this paper needs to do... is to shut the fuck up. I'm serious. Can I talk to you for a second? Because I know- If you don't mind walking. I gotta walk before I die. Why? What's the matter? You don't want to know. Sure I do. No, you don't. If I said, What's the matter? I'm listening. All right, all right. I got a prostate the size of a bagel. You still coming? Look, Bernie. I know you know about the Sentinel interview. It's an assistant managing editor thing. It's really more sideways than up. You can jump in here anytime. What are you looking for? You want me to make it easy for you to go to another paper? You want a ride uptown? You want me to wait outside and think positive thoughts? That's not my job. My job is to keep your ass downstairs. What am I supposed to do? I don't know. It's nine to five. It's more money. It's less hours. Martha We're having the baby, and she gave up her job. So it's for her. That's okay. Not just for her. It's for me too.
22 Nov 2011
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Quake 2 soundtrack by Bill Brown. It's the quake 2 theme song. © Id Software and Activision/Hyperion Entertainment/ Virgin Interactive/Activision/Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. Album is published and distributed by Id software.
24 Mar 2010
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first pictures of haiti right after the quake
30 Jan 2010
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Dr X was in San Jose during the quake. This video is compiled with photos from the USGS site and were taken by various USGS photographers. The music is from Robert Fripp and friends recorded live at a pub in England. Wild eh? Go to *******www.xtr3m3cast**** for more video and music...!
12 Jul 2008
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PlusExplosives Used to Access China 'quake-lake'Explosives Used to Access China 'quake-lake'The Associated PressChinese soldiers completed work on a channel to divert water from a lake formed when landslides triggered by the earthquake blocked the Tongkou River. Water levels in the lake had been rising steadily and threatened to flood surrounding areas. (June 2)Workers in China are using explosives to make new roads through earthquake-ravaged regions. The roads are needed to allow heavy equipment access to a lake created by the quake three weeks ago. The equipment will be used to create channels to drain water from the quake-lakes. If the earthen dams surrounding the lake collapse, the water could inundate populated areas. The government has evacuated 200-thousand people. They've also set up nine surveillance cameras to monitor the lake.Chinese television also showed pictures of a bridge that had been reinforced. Some of the water that will be released from the like will pass under it.(NATS IN CHINESE: "By 12am of June 2, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province has caused 69,019 deaths, 373,573 injuries, plus 18,627 missing." )Meanwhile, Chinese officials again raised the death toll. They say more then 69-thousand people were killed. Nearly 19-thousand are still missing. Nearly 374-thousand people were injured. ___ ___, The Associated Press.
13 Nov 2009
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A simple video demonstration of WEP cracking using BackTrack 4 and Aicrack-ng 1.0. This is intended for educational purposes. Built-in Aireplay ARP replay attack and Aicrack PTW cracking method are used. I can run the Aircrack-ng suite on my other Linux systems perfectly, but BackTrack is such a fun and unique Linux distribution, in my opinion. Backtrack 4 also comes with most drivers patched for monitoring and injection directly from the ISO. To crack WEP, the user auditing the network wants to have an injection/monitor capable NIC (Network Interface Card). I use an Atheros AR5007 which has a 500 PPS (Packets Per Second) injection rate. Want to know more about the suite and attacks, go to *******www.aircrack-ng****/. Their Wiki is very helpful. Also, RTFM! Use your "man" command, it can be your friend, I promise. The music is Human Condition by Chelsea Grin from their new album Desolation of Eden. I'll admit, I was a little slow on the typing because I was headbangin'. btw, the embedded terminal is called Tilda. ( Yes, the Quake terminal emulator. It is actually amazingly customizable.)
29 Sep 2010
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About 5 pm on September 30th, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck just offshore of the town of Padang in Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake toppled buildings and started many landslides, smashing homes and swallowing up entire villages. Over 1,000 people are known to have died, an additional 3,000 still missing. Please visit the incredible photoblog of Alan Taylor at ***********/bigpicture/2009/10/2009_sumatra_earthquakes.html
13 Oct 2009
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MEXICO CITY - A powerful earthquake Monday shook fishing villages along Mexico's Gulf of California, prompting alarm as far away as Phoenix, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The U.S. National Earthquake Information Center said the 6.9-magnitude quake struck at 12:59 p.m. (1:59 EDT, 17:59 GMT) and was centered 76 miles (122 kilometers) north-northeast of Santa Isabel in Baja California and 331 miles (533 kilometers) southeast of the border city of Tijuana. It was the strongest of four quakes of 5.0-magnitude or greater that struck the area over a 45-minute period late Monday morning. Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Alex Rangel said a high-rise near downtown shook violently enough that workers evacuated but there were no reports of injuries or damage. The quake was located about 460 miles from downtown Phoenix. Wilfredo Rivera, a manager at the Posada Santa Gemma hotel in Bahia Kino near the coast, said doors slammed as the ground rocked.
15 Apr 2010
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Follow RT at *******twitter****/RT_com and at *******www.facebook****/pages/RT/326683984410?ref=mf A powerful earthquake measuring 6 point 4 has rocked Taiwan causing widespread damage. Firefighters have been battling a blaze that broke out in a textile factory following the tremor. Rail services in central and southern Taiwan have now also been suspended. The quake was centered 400 kilometers south of the island's capital. No tsunami alert has been issued, and there have been no reports of serious injury.
22 May 2010
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The clip Second Earthquake Part 2 from Earthquake (1974) It's a new one. I'm a technician. You're a watchman. Don't teach me my business. It wasn't there! There's no such thing as solid concrete. Hairline cracks appear. You don't panic over them. The water's up half an inch. He's right. What the hell is going on? It could all be coincidence. I don't see running wild over some untested theory... at least until we've heard from Frank Adams. After all, it's his research project, not Walt's. We can't find Frank Adams. No one was sure the atom bomb would work till they dropped it. Our present problem is... what do we do now? We warn people. Do we? Think about it. A public announcement now... that a major earthquake is imminent. That could create incredible panic. People climbing over people trying to leave the city. That could be worse than the quake itself. An orderly evacuation could save thousands.
14 Nov 2011
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The clip The Quake Part 2 from Earthquake (1974)
30 Nov 2011
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The clip The Quake from Earthquake (1974) with Charlton Heston Get down!
30 Nov 2011
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Wipeout 2097 (or Wipeout XL in the US; styled wipE'out" 2097) is the second game in the Wipeout series to be released. It moved the Wipeout brand forward, introducing new tracks, new craft, and new weapons such as the Quake Disruptor (which sent a ripple down the track) that became instant fan favourites. To cater for the increase in Wipeout players, an easier learning curve was introduced whilst keeping the difficulty at top end for the experienced gamers. Artists contributing to the in-game soundtrack included The Prodigy, The Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers and Underworld. An entire nightclub tour was also initiated in conjunction with Red Bull Energy Drink, which was featured prominently throughout the game, before the drink actually gained popularity in the American market. The game is set in the year 2097, 100 years after the actual release year of the game.
19 Mar 2010
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2008 China Earthquake ChinaTravelGuide**** 截至16日16时四川因地震死亡(Death toll)21500余人,受伤159000余人,被埋14000余人 A powerful earthquake rocked central China at 2:28 PM May 12, 2008. The news reports that 13000 people have been killed or injured in the worst earthquake to hit China in 30 years. Those casualties include children in schools that have collapsed. The quake caused widespread damage to the southwestern province of Sichuan and was felt more than 1,200 miles from the epicenter. Premier Wen Jiabao flew immediately to Sichuan. "Facing disaster," he said, "the most important thing is calm, confidence, courage, and strong leadership.... We will definitely overcome this major disaster". United we stand. we shall overcome. May Buddha bless China! 众志成城,抗灾救灾,天佑我中华!
15 Sep 2009
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The clip After The Earthquake Part 3 from Earthquake (1974) with George Kennedy, Walter Matthau Can I broadcast to the city, get picked up on transistor sets? Some stations are still operating. We could rig a microwave relay to one. Get on it, then! Hey, you, come here! Help this guy, dammit! Slide him out from under there. What do you have to do to get a drink around here? Shut off that gas valve! Help me. Help me. You guys, check that at both sides! You two, check up here, both sides. Couple of guys down below. It held! My God, it held. How much longer? I'll divert water into the spillways. We must reduce pressure. Not without official permission, you're not. It's dead. I told you to leave that alone! The city's going to need water. There are dozens of fires already. If this dam busts, there won't be nothing left to burn! The quake may have broken something inside. It won't budge! It won't budge! Oh!
12 Nov 2011
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