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Sporting some of the best trailers ever, Dead Island might the zombie games you've been looking for. Here, fight together in co-op, or die.
12 Aug 2011
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MORE ZOMBIES. OMG MY FACE HURTS.... From all the Zombies, yes thats a good excuse...
31 Mar 2013
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'Doc of the Dead' traces the rise and evolution of the zombie genre, its influence on pop culture, and investigates the possibility of an actual zombie outbreak. It will premiere on EPIX March 15 at 8PM ET as a part of their 24-Hour Zombie-thon.
10 Mar 2014
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Lead Designer Mike Booth is bringing the zombies to Adam Sessler with a hands on demo of EA and Valve's Co-op survival horror FPS, 'Left 4 Dead' for the 360 and PC.
13 Nov 2008
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Watch World War Z 2013 Full Movie Here: ******* United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself. Watch World War Z 2013 Full Movie Now!
24 Jun 2013
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In theatres May 28, 2010. The master filmmaker continues to reinvent the modern horror genre in a film that draws new battle lines between the living and the dead. A war-weary band of soldiers is lured to a remote island that promises to be the last paradise on earth, only to discover that even here, miles away from civilization, peace is shattered by the arrogance of men and the lust to kill. Told with Romero’s iconic sense of humor and keen eye for the fault-lines in contemporary culture, “…OF THE DEAD” expands and intensifies the zombie universe for which he is celebrated. With Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Devon Bostick, Kathleen Munroe.
23 Feb 2010
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Resident Evil a took over city by zombies and jiane valanetine needs to survive and kill the zombies what are left
8 May 2006
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Download from here : *******savefilefree****/Danella4336090612/BlackOps Using the NoClip i found these secret rooms on kino der untoten, i think the first 2 are Sam's room, One normal and one all scary and there are little dolls of the zombie characters on the floor of the normal room and a giant teddy in the zombie room, the other 2 are the research lab and a room from the pentagon.
10 Dec 2010
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Well as most of you know one of my many hobbies is off-roading and working on my Jeep. Its really strange since I had it almost 8 years before I even considered doing anything to it let alone becoming an off-roading enthusiast. In any case over the last two years I have done a considerable amount of work on my Jeep with the help of Off-Roading specialists, family and a solid bulk of the work done by yours truly. This collage of pictures and video clips represents a documentary film of my Jeep becoming what it is now known by, the ZOMBIE. I have spend, oh, a solid ten to twelve hours editing what has become more of a MTV music video slash horror movie then documentary though I wanted to make something special. Also, I believe if you are to do something you should do it the best you can. I hope you enjoy my short film, "The Birth of the ZOMBIE".
17 Feb 2009
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Download from here : *******savefilefree****/Danella4336090612/BlackOps I thought i would make a video on how to get out of some of the AMAZING Black Ops missions (and on the zombie map, Five). Seriously, if you haven't played the Campaign yet, play it now. Its probably the most thought through Single player on any CoD game, its just perfect.
8 Dec 2010
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Michael Jackson is now a zombie, wanting zombie dancers, a record deal and his recently lost crotch. He is the guest on The Zombie Today Show a zombie soap opera, talk show comedy. Read the blogs and see more episodes at *******
7 Nov 2009
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How do you prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse??
16 Jul 2012
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