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Season 2 will see the Ice Road Truckers in the remote communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, over a hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle with three competitive trucking companies who must work together to move hundreds of heavy and oversized loads over frozen river and ocean water through fatally cold and often dangerous storm conditions. For more information on season 2 including an exclusive Producers blog visit history****/iceroadtruckers
30 Jan 2010
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Sundays 9pm/8c only on HISTORY. This season, Ice Road Truckers is shot in high-depth in the remote communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, over 100 north of the Arctic Circle. This season the truckers will be driving on unknown river and ocean ice roads, which have different hazards, constraints and conditions than the lake ice roads that they are well accustomed to. www.history****/iceroadtruckers
10 Jun 2008
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31 Jan 2009
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Beautiful, very real
17 Dec 2008
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the trucker thought he coul pass theb train but his truck was a bit longer then he thought it was
12 Jan 2008
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Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher were part of an epic high five battle that saw 75 Ashtons and Kanyes “Exploit Chaos” in Toronto’s Dundas Square. The “Kanye vs Ashton” high fiving feud was apparently fueled by a tiff related to Kanye’s glasses and Ashton’s trucker hat. Like many flash mob epic high five battles, the first round led the two mobs to a tie game… Now, Kanye and Ashton need YOU to go to ExploitingChaos**** to decide the final round. Who would you high five? Kanye or Ashton?
10 Sep 2009
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10 Apr 2010
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Roadtransport in extreme situtation with Volvo F12 Globetrotter. Across Siberia and Kazakhstan desert in winter with -35°C. Not an easy job for Rynart truckers
5 Nov 2008
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Catch all new episodes of Ice Road Truckers Sundays at 10p/9c only on the History Channel. Can you take the cold? Play the Ice Road Truckers game! www.icebreakerbreaker****
27 Jun 2007
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MisterTruckDriver**** is a website where truck drivers leaving truck driving schools get career advice about training, truck driving jobs with good trucking companies and adding endorsements to their CDL. To ask for advice or ask questions, just fill out the contact form or enter the forum/chat room and visit with other Truck drivers who are more than willing to help out any driver. An added bonus for all Truck drivers visiting www.MisterTruckDriver**** is that most every page has a video player loaded on the page with all kinds of great trucking videos that are FREE to watch and download. Also each page of the site has many services and the gear that Truck Drivers need and use everyday
2 May 2008
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HISTORY presents ICE ROAD TRUCKER SEASON 3 on May 31 at 9pm/8c. Meet IRT driver ALEX DEBOGORSKI, age 57. Alex is a larger than life character who has become a star of the series. He is the proud father of 11 children and 9 grandchildren. He's a natural shock jock who is completely unpredictable---a combination which makes for great TV. Last season, he left the Inuvik road early because of critical health problems (blood clots in his lungs and a heart arrhythmia). This season, he's taking a job with Carlile Transportation in Alaska where the oil business is booming and they're desperate for experienced drivers. Alex however will have to prove that hes regained his health and is capable of taking on the job. This road is no flat expanse, its an icy, treacherous, mountain pass that many think he may not be able to handle. This season he's setting out to redeem himself as the CANADIAN HEAVYWEIGHT OF THE ICE ROADS. Get ready for an all new ride! Become a FAN on FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/iceroadtruckers Visit the official site *******www.history***/iceroadtruckers Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/History_Daily
8 May 2009
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the biggest truck show of centrale Europe! More than 1400 truck perfectly line up and a lot of party going on! You must to come next year !!! More on ... truck Kenworth Peterbilt DAF Scania Volvo trucking truckshow bigrig Iveco camion lastwagen Class8. Find other cool mechanics videos at www.MechanicsHub****. Also connect with other mechanics, find Mechanics Jobs, Games, Trade News and more.
23 Jul 2010
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Scott Baxendale builds a one-of-a kind guitar and work of art. Directed by Kent Hughes
9 Feb 2009
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Rookie driver TJ Tilcox is doubling over in pain and cant figure out why. He cant afford to get sick behind the wheel. Should he risk it and tough it out? Watch Ice Road Truckers Sundays at 10 PM EST only on the History Channel.
1 Aug 2007
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Driver on Hwy 152 can't stay focused, or maybe he is multi-tasking. Whatever it is, there is not much room for error because there's no left shoulder. Listen for the horn. As a truck driver, I MUST stay focused at ALL TIMES no matter what! If I can't, I stop and rest (and think for a while)
10 Dec 2007
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In case you need to get caught up, check out this recap of Season 3 of ICE ROAD TRUCKERS! Catch the season finale Sunday August 23rd at 9/8c on HISTORY. Visit the official site *******www.history***/iceroadtruckers and enter the video mashup contest. Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/History_Daily
22 Aug 2009
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