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ya abran bisto el titulo XD
3 Jan 2014
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NOW on iTunes! ************/us/album/cant-hold-us-single/id663911155 Last Parody: ************/watch?v=W9DlE4cclPE&list=SP267C23612173256A Bloopers & Outtakes: ***********/watch?v=AIlgenyUJ48&feature=c4-overview&list=UUVReuE1V6LIfmDohJYrMWOA Qbanguy (GrassHopper) - *******youtube****/qbanguy & *******facebook****/qbnguy Chingo Bling (Officer Ramon) - *******youtube****/chingobling & *******facebook****/officialchingobling Mrchocolateslol (Officer Jerry Curl) - *******youtube****/mrchocolateslol & *******instagram****/mrchocolateslol Johnny Boy (The Homie Bubbles) - *******youtube****/johnnyboy702 & *******facebook****/mrlasvegas DerekDeso (Gogglez) - *******youtube****/theboogshow & *******facebook****/derekdeso Blonde Chola - *******instagram****/gorda_yolis Special Thanks to: Roberto Camacho The Mariachi Group Randal ( Good Times Car Club ) Dan ( High Hitter Customs ) Stay tuned homies! #mocosos (LYRICS) Return of the Moco, Puto what it is, que uvole, que paso, ok fuck it Looking for a legal way to get up out the barrio Instead of slanging on the neighborhood and checking all these levas Yeah right! My barrio, og walking, little bit of hoodrats, little bit of homies Somewhere between Chingo and Capone-E. Cheated in school, yep yep i copied All Bad, crip walking, summer nights, we party, i serve these hyenas like BK And ju can have it jer way Cholo music, I tat my skin and put everybodys name i ever met on it The list goes on. It's sabado and its always going down, got that Don fransisco game ill be around for a while. FIRME, Stay at my moms people say im a clown, But i stay posted on my porch just to hold this shit down Wash me. On my free FOODSTAMPS shit hustler, Holding guns since I was 14 in the ford taurus bussing hynas in my city with the nice rack, fat cat, luh yu Racist gringos here, But they can't tell us nothing Cuz we burning our skin , just to make our money Levas out here, And they always starting something My shank is in my waist, and im bumping these oldies (GrassHopper) Better watch yo back, Im with all my homies Drinking all night, 12 pack of corona So we throw our hood up even tho u don't know us And probation cant hold us Were at a kickback, chilling with homies My dickies look right, were looking for skonkas So we put our socks up and we got our black locs on Cuz we love us some lonjas Ey, can I Hit it? Gracias. Yeah im so disrespectful. I grew up, getin lost in love that's what you get when Nb Ridaz raised you Hyna just touch me, I get hot like my tio selling corn on my street And I'm eating the panocha like its carne asada meat and I don't strap up i go in Raw. Tell me you're pregnant. Gone! Skonka goodbye. I gotta see homies, and my PO's at my home, Don't judge me I like beiber. But I take his hyena selener. That immigration comes trynna take back my people. Now sing a song and it goes like Raise those hands, this is our party We came here to live life like nobody was watching I got my city right behind me If I fall, they got me. Learn from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves Gotta watch our back, this aint our moment Cops flashing lights, this party is over So we put our hands up cuz the policia told us Vato i got hella warrants Ill never go back, inmates are horny food isn't right, and the nights are lonely So i tie my chucks up cuz we bout to dip on them The policia cant catch us Put your hands up! Las Vegas Police Department! One more Time Put your hands up! Chingala Policia Me la pelan weyyyyyy Vamonos Homie! Let's go! [2x] Chinga Tu Madre Pinche Guey! Tell 'em we don't want No Locked Doors! Pe-la-me-La-Ver-ga OOohhh! (chorus 1) Follow me on instagram homies NoHallPass
23 Jul 2013
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All The Best Hits Of 2012 - Track List CD2: 1 Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me 2 Wolfgang Gartner ft. - Forever 3 Deekline & Ed Solo feat Splack Pack and Kidd Money - Shake The Pressure- Original Mylo Mash up radio edit 4 Bombs Away-Super Soaker 5 Mc Joe & The Vanillas-Sexy And I Know It- AR Remix 6 Vato Gonzalez feat Foreign Beggars - Badman Riddim (Jump) 7 Martin Solveig and Dragonette feat. Idoling!!! - Big In Japan 8 Real El Canario - International Style 9 Ray Foxx featuring Lovelle - La Musica (The Trumpeter) 10 Marcus Binapfl & Armand Pena - La La Love Song 11 The DOK vs. Farina - Feel Alright 12 Steve Forest feat. Club Dogo & Fatman Scoop - Boys & Girls 13 Spankers - Everyone's A DJ 14 Stereo Palma - Lick it 15 Naguale - Get Up 16 Ela Rose - Lovely Words 17 EDX feat. Sarah McLeod - Falling Out Of Love 18 Remady feat. Manu L - The Way We Are 19 Caro Emerald - That Man 20 ATB ft JanSoon - Move On 21 KeeMo feat. Cosmo Klein -- Beautiful Lie -- KeeMo's Terrace Mix Short Cut 22 Andrew Spencer -- Heart Of The Ocean (Titanic Theme)
11 May 2012
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I was chilling, right around my way, 21st Eastside at a beach, This motherfucker ran up on me, talking shit with his homies like he was A straight... G! Asking where I'm from while he running up, Gangbang my setll nag one of them, Some things, sons they just wont change, Fools dont respect nothing but the gang bang, What's seen is what's sawn, Dogg is the law, I had you niggas running like a marathon, Lil G's tryna creep on the east wit it, Talking bout they gon get my chain and they gon leave with it. But they dont know, once they get close its tic tac toe, 3 motherfucker lay'd on the floor (Watch out), Yea this happened yesterday, on the West they Spray, I Heard an Ese Say... He said.. (chorus) vato you won't believe what they saw, I saw these pack a guys and they act real hard... (And what they do?) They twisted fingers say you know who we are... He said: I dont give a fuck im Snoop Doggy Dogg ... (Ah huh) They kept talking and it went too far, So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of his car (And what he get?), he got his gun and they start running hard, he started firing and then he just charged... PLOW!!! (2x) Run nigga,Run nigga(Plow) Duck nigga,Duck nigga(Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) I didn't mean to hit what I hit Now that's 3 motherfuckers dead, and I ain't seen shit But these niggas a scream wit plea but for like a G like me its just a case Believe and you can see I crack the mac back and pop off rolling And smack your neck back, you drop off falling I haven't seen my mama in a week And she ain't even ran her mouth about me Fuck that I ain't give a fuck about the law Niggas say they wanna brawl You would think that they wore bras Believe in all the things that you never saw In it yall, been a Dogg, smoke you like a menathol You think you know? But this can't go You think youll blow, all my dough? What the fuck, no See these niggas proceed with speed So feel the need to bleed All you hear my enemies going (Chorus) Vato you won't believe what they saw, I saw these pack a guys and they act real hard... (And what they do?) They twisted fingers say you know who we are... He said: I dont give a fuck Im Snoop Doggy Dogg ... (Ah huh) They kept fucking and it went too far, So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of his car (And what he get?), he got his gun and they start running hard, he started firing and then he just charged... PLOW!!! (2x) Run nigga ,Run nigga(Plow) Duck nigga , duck Nigga (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) I wouldn't be the G that I am If I didn't pop niggas in their mouth. Goddamn. If Snoop a keep a foot on the streets And lead and cover the sheets Run wit them niggaz wit the heat You never seen a thug like this You never seen a dub like me And I ain't weak for wanting peace in fact I could be beast of the East motherfucker. I never hesitate to blaze A nigga really tryna change his ways We gotta move my team cuz my peoples Are screaming that we need more for fun or is it legal Ba,Ba,Ba,Bang On this song make it feel like a drive-by It's ashame but somebody gotta die They say it happens state to state But when I'm mobbin LA All I hear the Eses say they go (Chorus) Vato you won't believe what they saw, I saw these pack a guys and they act real hard... (And what they do?) They twisted fingers say you know who we are... He said: I dont give a fuck Im Snoop Doggy Dogg ... (Ah huh) They kept fucking and it went too far, So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of his car (And what he get?), he got his gun and they start running hard, he started firing and then he just charged... PLOW!!! (2x) Run nigga,Run nigga(Plow) Duck nigga, Duck nigga (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) Run Motherfucker, Run (Plow) Snoop Dogg em bus' gun shots, Skateboard P they say em bus' gun shots DPG them bus' gun shots BBC you know them bus' gun shots Come again now Snoop Dogg em bus' gun shots Skateboard P you know em bus' gunshots Come again now BBC them bus' gun shots DPGC you know them bus' gunshots Come again now
2 Jul 2011
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Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Ziggy Stardust's Groovy Remix) - TAGS - Tags: Rocky House edit, get on down, vato gonzalez, lele, Le Le, Breakfast, Bitch, Mexer, Groovenatics, Ilker Akay, Rip It Up, Samir's Theme, Rockey Tomico's Rumble edit, Gregor salto, Sidney samson, Funkin matt, Freddo Fuori, Madskillz, Skitzofrenix, House Beats ****, Housebeats****, Pjanoo, Watch Out, twilight Bouncing Harbour, Bouncin harbour, bob sinclar, together, Dance, Eclectic, Trance, Minimal, Deep House, Pogressive, Vocal House, Sensation white Fedde Le Grande Pjanoo Chuckie Trance Hardstyle House Dance Billen Amsterdam Good Sound, Billem Trance, Techno, House, Sensation, White, ID&T, Worlds Leading Dance Event, Fedde Le Grande, Pjanoo, Music, Amsterdam, Arena, Amsterdam Arena, Megamix, Mega Mix, Sensation, Sensation White, Sensationwhite, AmsterdamArena, Rave, Hardstyle, Good Quality, Sound, Kwaliteit, Goede Kwaliteit, Bikini, LAdy, Bikini's, Fedde La Grande, Fedd Le Grande, Fedde La Grand, Piano, Pianoo, Pjano, Pryda, EricPrydz, Eric Prydz, Call On Me, Fontijn, Water, Roking with the Best, Rockin with the best, i like it, ian carey, dirty house music, Giulietta, Play dub,outwork electro, The reward is cheese, Deadmau5, Deadmouse, deadmou5, i like it Ian carey mix, play dub (original mix) Passenger 10, chris reece, spring breeze, martin roth summer, No promisses ( thomas Gold Remix ), changes, move for me, slam fm, fresh fm, eclectic radi
26 Feb 2012
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*******www.guerradelnarco****.mx Interrogatorio Del Chapo Guzman informacion e Interrogatorio Guerra del Narco presenta el siguiente video en exclusiva, donde aparece Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, líder del Cártel de Sinaloa, quien realiza el interrogatorio a un desconocido. La grabación llegó mediante correo electrónico de forma anónima, y dura poco menos de dos minutos. El Chapo Guzmán aparece vestido con una camisa en color blanco, un pantalón en color oscuro, además de una gorra en color negro. El joven interrogado se encuentra amarrado, viste una playera en color claro, misma que está rota, trae abajo sus pantalones y junto a él tiene una botella con al parecer agua. Recordemos que El Chapo Guzmán tiene años sin aparecer en la pantalla, así que el valor histórico de la grabación es incalculable. Junto a la grabación, llegó una carta escrita a mano, con fecha del 28 de febrero del 2012, misma que está firmada por el Licenciado Damaso. Secuestrado: Dinero de ellos resulta que le mandaron un teléfono. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Quiénes son ellos? Secuestrado: La gente de nosotros andaba ahí, el Emiliano y el que mataron ayer. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Ese hijo de su pinche madre era jefe de grupo?, ¿Era el encargado de Mazatlán? Secuestrado: No, es El Colombiano, El Colombiano le mandaba órdenes a él. Chapo Guzmán: ¿En dónde está El Colombiano? Secuestrado: En Los Mochis. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Entonces toda la bola de cabrones están en Los Mochis? Secuestrado: Sí. Chapo Guzmán: Entonces hay que agarrar a esa pinche vieja para que a todos los vatos. ¿Y en Mazatlán dónde está? Secuestrado: De plano no sé, pero el que los recogía fue el que se murió ayer. Chapo Guzmán: ¿De esos de Zacatecas también hay en Mazatlán? Secuestrado: Sí de esos de Zacatecas son los que están en el monte. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Y en Los Mochis? Secuestrado: También hay gente de Zacatecas, Juanjo y El Oso. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Dónde hay gente de Zacatecas? Secuestrado: En Los Mochis y ahorita aquí en Los Limones. Chapo Guzmán: ¿No me estás echando mentiras? Hace rato me dijiste que estaban en Mazatlán. Secuestrado: Es que ayer llegaron para acá y de aquí los mandaron para el monte. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Cuántos hay? Secuestrado: Desconozco cuántos hay, pero venían en varias camionetas hacia Los Mochis. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Entonces ya mandaron la gente de ustedes a Los Mochis? Secuestrado: Sí. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Y para Nayarit? Secuestrado: No se señor. Chapo Guzmán: ¿Pero si se fue gente a Nayarit? Secuestrado: Sí señor el veinte
4 Jun 2013
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Music video by Snoop Dogg performing Vato. (C) 2006 Geffen Records and Snoopadelic Records LLC
4 Sep 2011
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ese vato era el gato del gato del gato del gato del gato DEL PATRÓN......
17 Oct 2012
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eGO and Sleepy Brown get confronted by these 2 Vatos that think they're all Hard'n'Chet! DOWNLOAD "WANNA-BE" TRACK and bump it at you're G'mas house! *******limelinx****/files/8dea4a0ec1e0f96fd2d3548d2fa2d462 (LYRICS BELOW) GETDOWNCRAZY/PEPE Tshits *******www.panicpop**** Get a shirt and Be a model in my next video...Send them to EricGOchoayahoo**** Music BY: NineDiamond ***********/ninediamond -TWITTER- eGO- *******www.twitter****/SUPEReeeGO S.Brown- *******www.twitter****/MijitoLex Also check out: *******CHOLOADVENTURES.ORG Special thx to the Cast: Humberto(Retarded cholo) Mike (Cholo 1) Carlos(Cholo 2) Cristina (Novela girl) Jessi (Sleepy Mom) - *******twitter****/jensijay Jorge - (The sexy ass priest) *******twitter****/jorgeravidmunoz SUBSCRIBE! ;) Te AMO! Tu amigo eGO Wanna-Be- (RAP-ALONG-Lyrics) (Chorus) Wake up in the Morning eat my conflais Muthafucka Add some Sugah, Zucaritas Mutherfucka Kitten Puppies they're so fluffy Chichis Pompies they're so plumpy Thug Life for life bitch don't judge me Slap a priest in the face before he could touch me La llorona scared of me cause i ate her babies I'ma bonified Cholo, who you callin a Wanna-Be? VERSE1 Turn on the TV Dora on my Tivo, Boots is so cute And that Fox cracks my Shit up Im so Gangster my presents makes you Fart, We don't Throw up Gang Sign, we throw up Hearts. Homie you dont wanna get down with me I can scream rape like a girl and have sharp teeth i got it if you want some but if this foo's a big one Quick pendejo, bust a cholo possum Lay back, let him be, Talk my shit when he leaves Shit hes coming back, act retarded, hump this tree I'll punk a baby off his mamas boob Wtf milf, a cholos gotta eat too What makes a cholo, wear bandanas just for starters, Sitting in the back of class, sniffin on some MARKERS! I'm a macho man, and i got a lot of Pride The last time i Cried was when Mufasa died (Back to Chorus) VERSE2 Before i go to bed, eat more conflas muthafuckah the knockoff Coco dyno-bite, cause is cheaper muthafuckah Roll up in the 99 come up on the good stuff pocket some candy bars, i saved myself a couple bucks Day and night, I'm always with some Hynas but i'll tell that bitch to get off, when im watching my novelas my mommy gets around and my daddy doesnt love me I wish i was an orphan so brad'n'agelina would adopt me Triple X L Flannel buttoned once from the top it makes me look really buff, but im honestly not yo no me importo mal, aqui mi mami manda if i cross the line she attacks me with a chancla stealing from your lemon tree & sellin lemonade Just cause i don't own a Lawn mower, doesnt mean i dont get paid my gf is ugly but i still bust a nut thats why God invented paper bags, i don't give a Whaaa (Chorus)
23 Jun 2011
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5 Sep 2012
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28 Nov 2011
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Descarga la cancion aqui: *******www.4shared****/audio/Xoqw4oiN/Chica_3D_-_Big_Yamo_Ft_Prix_06.html Discografia: Tocarte Toa - Big Yamo Ft. Natya Que Sera - Big Yamo Noche en la Playa - Big Yamo Ft. Jhon El Legendario Dejame el Drama - Big Yamo Contigo - Big Yamo Me Hechizas - Big Yamo Ft. Natya Sueltate el Dembow - Big Yamo Ft. Natya Dejame el Drama - Big Yamo Ft. Little Jay Vamo alla(Remix) - Big Yamo Ft. Mane(Latin Dreams), Julio Voltio & Tony Haze Con Ganas de To - Big Yamo Amigos Especiales(Remix) - Big Yamo Ft. Blindaje 10 Muero Por Besarte(Remix) - Big Yamo Ft. Nenita Style Tocarte Toa(Remix) - Big Yamo Ft. Calle 13 Encendia - Big Yamo Como Culebra - Big Yamo Ft. Vato 18K & Bivad Censurados - Big Yamo Ft. PracticoMusic Solo Dos - Big Yamo Sexo - Big Yamo Electrizante - Big Yamo Al Ritmo de la Musica - Big Yamo Otra Noche - Big Yamo Demasiado Elegante - Big Yamo Ese soy Yo - Big Yamo Todo Termino en Sexo - Big Yamo Ft. Luis Lambis Vinilo y Pincel(Remix) - Big Yamo Ft. Dragon & Caballero Contacto(Solo para verdaderos fanaticos): bigyamomsn****(Cartagena - Colombia)...
31 Oct 2011
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***********/watch?v=fNoS1uHZOKQ&feature=BFa&list=LL2dY3CxjLlH3hNVbS-RDDQQ gama la sensa ft.maicol & manuel-presidencial tu me tienes loco J alvarez ft. Arcangel- esperandote Big yomo ft.vato -entre la playa ella y yo santana ft khriz&angel y john eric- pideme ***********/watch?v=QSHa2bEmPU4&feature=BFa&list=FL2dY3CxjLlH3hNVbS-RDDQQ&lf=mh_lolz ***********/my_videos_upload
15 Nov 2012
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Blood In Blood Out Vatos Locos Ending Soundtrack By Sino & Ruhi Can KsK 4 Life
5 Jan 2015
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Desacarga La Cancion : ******* Dale MG a La Pagina De FB: ******* Sigueme En FB: ******* Mandame Tu Material De Musica Si Eres Talento Nuevo a siguiente enlace: ******* Mente En Blanco - Carta De Amor [HD] C-Kan - Vivo La Vida Cantando C-Kan - Sexy ft. Rigo Luna C-Kan - La Vida No la Tienes Comprada ft. Zimple, C-Kan - Vuelve ft. MC Davo C-Kan - Dejame Conocerte C-Kan - Guerreros ft. Iluminatik C-Kan - Ya No Tiene Caso ft. Zimple, Javier La Amenaza C-Kan - Disculpa ft. Don Kalavera Chingo Bling - Kush & Buchanan's Remix ft. C-Kan C-Kan / M.E.X.I.C.O. (VideoClip Oficial) C-Kan - Somos De Barrio ft. Togwy C-Kan. Album de Voy por el sueño de muchos, completo. C-Kan - Me Gusta La Calle ft. Prynce El Armamento Lirical C-Kan - Esta Vida Me Encanta ft. Zimple, Don Aero C-Kan - Evento Pa La Raza 2013 Me Alegro de Su Odio Cartel de Santa Vol 6 Millonario, W. Corona FT. Cartel de santa - Extasis Video Cartel De Santa - La Pelotona Cartel De Santa - El Ratón Y El Queso Cartel De Santa - Bombos Y Tarolas Cartel De Santa - Con El Coco Rapado Dharius (Cartel de Santa) Humilla A C Kan Y Mc Davo Cartel De Santa - Vato Sencillo Cartel De Santa;Bicho Ramirez - Traficando Rimas Cartel De Santa, Patan - Volar, Volar Cartel De Santa - Todas Mueren Por Mi Cartel De Santa - El Arte del Engano SANTA RM FEAT CLOW MC - NO SÉ EN QUÉ TE FALLÉ (VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL) SANTA RM FT. TANKEONE - FAVOR CON FAVOR (video oficial) Santa RM - Me Gustas (Video Oficial) Santa RM - El Rap Es Un Trabajo Duro (Videoclip Oficial) Santa RM Ft. Crasek y Carlos AlmaVieja - Anda Ve (Video Official) Santa RM & Kryz - Ve Por Ello (Video Oficial) 2013 Santa RM - Quizás (Video Oficial)TANKEONE & TABERNARIO "ESMERALDA" FEAT SANTA RM Y LOS PASTELES VERDES (VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL) Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit) Eminem - Without Me Eminem - The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna Eminem - Rap God (Explicit) Eminem - Not Afraid Eminem - Survival (Explicit) Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Edited) Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido Eminem - When I'm Gone Eminem - We Made You Eminem - Space Bound Eminem - Space Bound Eminem - Beautiful Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers Eminem - Lose Yourself (8 mile) Nach Latam Tour. "Dedicado a LatinoAmérica". Videoclip + tema inédito Nach - El Idioma De Los Dioses Nach - Palabras Mis Ojos Un Espejo - Mc Aese (ft.Alfred Cave) Video Oficial Mc Aese - AQUI ESTOY - Alfred Cave & Dosek (Video Oficial) Regálame La Libertad - Mc Aese ft. Alfred Cave (Video Oficial) Dile Que - Mc Aese Ft Romo One (Video Oficial) Mc Aese Ft. Crasek - Boomerang (Video Oficial) Mc Aese ft Romo One Jugaste Mal (Video oficial) MC DAVO - VÍDEO OFICIAL ¨MIS DEFECTOS¨ MC DAVO - VIDEO OFICIAL ¨ADIOS¨ (FT MENY MENDEZ)MC DAVO - DEBES DE SABER - VIDEO OFICIAL (2013) MC DAVO - VÍDEO OFICIAL ¨ELLA ES UNA AMENAZA¨MC Davo - No se tu, pero yo Mc Davo 2013-2014 - A Veces (Letra) (Video Oficial) Mente en Blanco - Borrachos y Grifos Mente en blanco Uno por uno video oficial (Video Oficial) Mente En Blanco - Andamos Marihuas ADAN ZAPATA HOY BRINDARE POR TI VIDEO OFICIAL 5.JULIO 2013 MENTE EN BLANCO Me muero por ti - Mente en blanco (Letra) Voz De Mando - Mente En Blanco Sigo Firme & Que Pensaban - Mente En Blanco Klan (2013) FS Produciones LOS MAS BUSCADOS - MENTE EN BLANCO Vida de loco - Mente En Blanco Clan Katy Pery Werevertumorro HolaSoyGerman calibre 50 el komander justin bieberespinoza paz skrillex wisin y yandel gerardo ortiz banda ms rihanna Lady Gaga musica Rap Romantico los recoditos alejandro fernandez peliculas one direction vete ala versh bruno mars Smosh minecraft peliculas completas C Kan - 'Vivo La Vida Cantando' C-Kan - Mi Musica Es Un Arma ft. Zimple, MC Davo Cartel De Santa - Los Mensajes del Whatsapp [VIDEO OFICIAL] [HD [2014]
14 Feb 2014
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2 Nov 2011
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