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One year ago, on the morning of November 1st, in the woods of New Sumer, the bodies of the most popular students from high school had been found. The police reports seems to suggest that they all been viciously killed by a pack of wild animals on Halloween Night. But one person knows the truth on who was behind the deaths of all those jocks and cheerleaders who had been partying out that night in the woods. One person who had witnessed them getting massacred that very same frightful night. One person who would keep his mouth shut, out of fear, and pays the price for it, by suffering hauntings from terrifying apparitions. One year later, Barry Norton leaves the city and moves with his family to New Sumer. To make matters worse, he is not only the new kid in town. He also happens to be the only jock. He fears he won't be making new friends in New Sumer High School, as the only cliques hanging around, apart from the now-deceased popular students, are the nerds, geeks, goths and everyone else. But all is not lost for Barry, as there is a girl in school who fancies him, and lucky for him, the feeling seems mutual. As Barry tries adjusting to his new life in New Sumer, strange things happen to him. He has visions and nightmares of people getting killed by something very terrifying. He is also being haunted by ghosts of the past, warning him that whatever was responsible for killing all those high school students last Hallowen Night, was coming for him. And since Barry moved into New Sumer, the killings started again. Desperate to save his own neck, he turns to an Ouija board, hoping to find out the truth, before he becomes the next victim.
13 Apr 2018
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Tiny but mighty parakeets. They've adapted to almost freezing temps and over 100 degree weather here in the desert. Slo mo and they sound vicious.
27 Mar 2018
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This doggo is so cute that you cannot but help to fall in love with it. But don’t just go for its looks guys, it is a vicious beast.
22 Mar 2018
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If you are not familiar with the baby Rhino’s sound then you will be astonished. Who knew the vicious Rhino can sound so adorable as a baby?
22 Mar 2018
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Cuteness meter got damaged trying to measure this baby lion’s roar. It’s really unbelievable that this cute road is going to turn out into a vicious heart stomping cry.
11 Mar 2018
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The young heart will be praised after the vicious battle. He took a direct shot at the head like a fool without any defensive measures.
10 Mar 2018
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Though it looks like the life of the little birdie is about to meet an end by the vicious kitty but nothing such happens; the breath was not last after all.
21 Feb 2018
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If someone poses a question to you Why did you get into a conflict Our answer would be He did it. And, thus the vicious cycle of unhappiness begins. Do you wish to break free from this circle and experience permanent happiness?
2 Feb 2018
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Though there are no signs around, one has to be careful of the huge vicious dogs that reside in that area. This man was attacked by one, a surprise to him.
20 Jan 2018
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These two cats are totally fired up to give it all against each other. The starting might be a little dull but the ending was worth it.
17 Jan 2018
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If you have never seen a Doberman hunt then here is the perfect opportunity for you to see. Just look at those hair-raising teeth of her!
12 Jan 2018
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Petting your dog after a tiresome workday is very relaxing and good for body and mind except for a dog like this vicious Chihuahua, then it ain’t relaxing.
9 Jan 2018
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