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Make this low-cost camera stabilizer for smooth, professional looking video.
16 Jan 2010
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a hidden message when you play barney backwards... this is not a pop up scary image! I was bored one night with my best friend and a video camera and we reversed many songs..pretty much finding nothing...until our mouths dropped hearing this subliminal message.
3 Mar 2009
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Salesman seems to know what to use a video camera for?
2 Jul 2006
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Hidden inside this tiny key chain is a high resolution 1280 x 960 video camera that records digital video 29 fps, for up to 50 minutes. It's also a 1.2 megapixel still camera that will take up to 4,000 huge photographs! Find out more info *******eyespypro****/products/Covert-Key-Chain-Hidden-Camera-And-Digital-Video-Recorder.html, and watch the video for a special offer just for you at the end...
22 May 2009
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Able to freeze People with a video camera
27 Sep 2007
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Call SpyTec (*******www.spynyc****) at 877-212-7400 to buy your Supercardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone High Quality miniature electret condenser microphone. Directional tube with windscreen. Supercardioid pic-up pattern, designed for frequencies of medium range, allows user to isolate and pick-up distant sounds such as human voices, birds, other wildlife, etc. Small, lightweight, compact. Uses standard "AAA" battery with easy replacement. Adjustable volume control Includes mounting hardware for use with binoculars or video cameras.
20 Nov 2007
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16 Mar 2010
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Soft LED display is made of 5050SMD LED or 3528 SMD LED, 5050SMD LED is 35% brighter than 3528SMD LED, the products can be fold up and curved even when they are playing videos.Soft LED display can play video/image/text sources from PC/laptop, U disk without PC and video camera to effect a live show, the size of the products can be customized and each small size of them can be connected together to become a big video wall Contact: Thomas Song Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co., Ltd Add:No 1093,luyuan south St,Yongshun Town,Tongzhou District,Beijing,P.R.China Tel:+86-10-81557171,+86-10-89512339 Mobil:+86-158 016 207 86 FAX:+86-10-89512339 Ext.808 Website:www.huasun-tech**** Product video dislpay:*******vimeo****/4992176 Email:marketinghuasun-tech**** MSN on line:huasunledsaleshotmail**** SKYPE:thomas85318
21 Aug 2009
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Amani Channel discusses some video camera options for DIY video production. Question from Twitter musicfan214. Questions? Twittter urbanreporter visualeyemedia *******visualeyemedia****
30 Nov 2009
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KipKay's Camera mod inspired me to make my own, and boy is it amazing. This is just a test video I did with my dogs, but it turned out GREAT!
10 Aug 2007
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*******www.VideoPhoneRevolution**** The Video Phone is the next must-have gadget. Whether you call it an IP phone, digital phone, or voip phone, it is the new way to communicate and will soon replace the home phone. Videophones let you see the person you are talking to, as opposed to just hearing their voice. All you need is access to a broadband internet connection, or high-speed internet - DSL or Cable internet What is the difference between a home phone and videophone? Video phones make calls using an internet connection (digital) while home phones make calls using traditional phone lines (analog). Video phones are based on VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol).This technology lets voice (audio) to be transmitted over an internet connection. Video phones go a step further to transmit video over the internet giving a new name to VoIP (Video over Internet Protocol) *******www.VideoPhoneRevolution**** What are the benefits of video phones? Let you see family, friends and loved ones. Offer unlimited local and long distance calling. Offer cheap international rates and plans. Let you save money on monthly phone bills. Cheaper than cell phone and home phones. Sync with your desktop, laptop, pc or mac Connect it to your TV to view the call big screen Use for business meetings via video conferencing *******www.VideoPhoneRevolution**** Other relevant terms are: mobile video video phone cell phone video movie phone phone videos video phones cell phone videos free phone videos free video phone mobile phone video mobile phone videos video camera phone video cell phones video for phone video to phone videophone videos for phone videos for phones banana phone video beamer video phone broadband videophone d link videophone free cell phone video free cell phone videos internet video phone ip video phone movie phone com new video phone ojo personal video phone ojo video phone personal video phone phone music videos phone video clips phone video converter phone video downloads phone video format phone video player phone with video samsung video phone send video to phone send videos to phone vialta video phone video camera cell phone video camera phones video door phone video for cell phone video for cell phones video on cell phone video on phone video telephone video to cell phone videos for cell phone videos for cell phones videos for mobile phone videos for mobile phones videos for your phone videos on phone videos on your phone videos to cell phone videos to phone voip video phone voip video phones wireless video phone 3g video phone austin powers video phone best video cell phone best video phone broadband video phone camera phone videos cell phone music videos cell phone video clips cell phone video converter cell phone video downloads cell phone video format cell phone video games cell phone video player cell phone video virginia cell phone with video cisco video phone deaf video phone deaf videophone debra lafave cell phone video funny cell phone video funny cell phone videos funny phone videos hollywood video phone home video phone lg video phone live video phone mobile phone video converter mr movie phone music videos for cell phones ojo videophone packet8 video phone pc video phone phone video games phone video virginia tech phones with video send video to cell phone send videos to cell phone send videos to your phone shooting cell phone video sip video phone smart phone video sorenson video phone sorenson videophone video camera mobile phone video cellular phone video clips for cell phones video conference phone video cordless phone video for mobile phone video for mobile phones video phone call video phone calls video phone for deaf video phone review video phone service video phone software video phone tv video phone watch videos for my phone videos for your cell phone videos on cell phone virginia tech cell phone video web video phone at&t video phone buy video phone cell phone video messages cell phones with video cheap video phone chocolate phone video d link video phone family video phone number hollywood video phone number intel video phone phone video formats phone video site polycom video phone video from phone to computer video on cell phones videos from phone to computer acn acn video phone acn videophone 5linx videophone communications telecommunications network voip ip iphone videophones
6 Feb 2010
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I was trying to take a nap. My six year old son was in the other himself or someone. I soon found out who he was talking to after he flipped my my Flip Video camera on the bed and ran out. His YOUTUBE moment!
15 Jul 2008
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A parody of SMPFilms Mr Safety's "Car Stunt Gone Wrong." ***********/watch?v=vPYiIQiEfng Thanks to Mikhalt for the music: Echotune and Shadow Devil Sun *******www.willvideoforfood**** Video camera and voice by ***********/babysitterofnalts
20 Mar 2009
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The Hot Wheels Video Racer is a new, Hot Wheels-scale car with an integrated video camera that lets you create, edit, and share videos with sound. Everything is inside the car, including the built-in mini cam and LCD screen for instant playback. The car works on any standard Hot Wheels track so kids can get a driver's eye view as the car races down the track. You can also mount the Video Racer car, using the special holder, on other surfaces, such as your wrist, a helmet, or anywhere the action is so you can record your own stunts. When you're done recording, you can transfer your videos to the Video Racer editing software (available as a free download) and create action-packed videos with music and graphics to enjoy and share. The car has 12 minutes of memory and comes in either green or red. It comes with a USB cable for connecting to a computer. See the full review at *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2629/mattel/hot-wheels-video-racer/
14 Jun 2011
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*******www.omejo****/ The smallest digital video camera in the world with high resolution Image OJ-MD80.It can be used in many recording situations to memorize every wonderful and important moment.Also,it can be used for law enforcement agencies and stealth surveillance.Specifications: High speed recording and quick light response Thumb size alloy housing Manually and sound activated recording Web camera for online video chat Support JPEG picture format and AVI video format Low illumination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels 30 frames per second for 640*480 video output Easy operation with indicator Built-in rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours Provide 2G Micro SD card and support 8G memory card( max) Easy operation with LED indicator USB charging function, video upload and download Professional sports mount for action recording USB1.1/2.0 Operation System: Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista Charge Time:2 hours Standby Time:260 hours Dimension:55x28x20mm Weight:50g Parameter: Pixels: 2000K color CMOS Minimum Illumination: 1Lux(Min) Battery Capacity: 260mAH Consumption Current: 120mA/3.7V(Max) Store Temperature: -20℃ ~80℃ Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~50℃ Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH Memory medium: Micro SD Card (TF Card) SD Capability: Max 8GB Micro SD Card Video output:640*480pixels 30frames/s Applications: 1.Used in our daily life to memorize every wonderful moment 2. Police can use it for law enforcement 3. Lawyers can use it to collect evidence 4. Reporter can use it to interview in special occasion 5. For stealth surveillance *******www.omejo****/ *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=235 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=251 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=254 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=234 *******www.omejo****/Product_view.asp?ID=236 Omejo technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-755-83316811 Fax: 86-755-83319595 Email:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** URL: *******www.omejo**** *******shop.omejo**** MSN:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** Head Office:16D/118# ,Yitian Village, Fuqiang Road , Futian District , Shenzhen,China Zip Code: 518000
5 Jun 2010
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(Jurassic Park Sweded - i.e. Jurassic Park remade with a video camera and a 2 quid budget)
7 Jan 2009
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