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This is a 3D anaglyph video showing me throwing and landing my Radio controlled airplanes (I know I am nuts) right in to a pair of video cameras producing a cool 3D effect! Make sure you put on those paper 3D red/cyan glasses that I know you have hanging around. If you are interested in reducing global warming, check out this website: www.jointhesolution****/yorkville
15 Oct 2009
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Armed with pocket-sized video cameras, a tenacious band of Burmese reporters face down death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country. In 2007, after decades of self-imposed silence, Burma became headline news across the globe when peaceful Buddhist monks led a massive rebellion. More than 100,000 people took to the streets protesting a cruel dictatorship that has held the country hostage for more than 40 years. Foreign news crews were banned, the Internet was shut down, and Burma was closed to the outside world. So how did we witness these events? Enter the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), aka the Burma VJs. Compiled from the shaky handheld footage of the DVB, acclaimed filmmaker Anders Ostergaard's Burma VJ pulls us into the heat of the moment as the VJs themselves become the target of the Burmese government. Their tactical leader, code-named Joshua, oversees operations from a safe hiding place in Thailand. Via clandestine phone calls, Joshua dispenses his posse of video warriors, who covertly film the abuses in their country, then smuggle their footage across the border into Thailand. Joshua ships the footage to Norway, where it is broadcast back to Burma and the world via satellite. Burma VJ plays like a thriller, all the more scary because it is true.
16 Mar 2010
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amazing old woman from Iran shows off her unbelievable skills for a guy with a video camera. Forget the nukes. Iran has an army of Ninja Grannies!
25 Jun 2008
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Some kid got a video camera for X-mas got some of his mates together and made this cool video with some ausome and funny stunts!
1 Aug 2006
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A man records a Ghost on his video camera.
23 Sep 2010
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21 Mar 2010
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Now everyone can be James Bond! *******www.chinvasion****/5fc8 How do you think the paparazzi seem to catch those hot stars like Maggie Q by surprise on the beach? Don’t miss out on catching any of the action yourself – fun and excitement can be yours for a low wholesale price. See what other wholesale covert surveillance video cameras Chinavasion has in store for you at *******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/surveillance-equipment-spy-camera/
25 Feb 2009
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While filming with my Sony Hi8 video camera, in "Nightshot" mode and with a IR filter installed,Hence the Green Color, I film 2 planes going over within minutes of each other. One has no Wings, Engines or Tail.
4 Oct 2007
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OUT OF STOCK Ready for the most challenging runs in the backcountry, The North Face Decagon Jacket features a rugged waterproof and breathable dual-ply HyVent design with plenty of cargo space for your tunes and compact digital video camera. The seam-sealed, insulated construction keeps the elements at bay until you open the Pit-Zip seams to cool off....Read More...If you ski or ride the toughest chutes in backcountry, The North Face Decagon Jacket is your all-mountain companion. Made with a dual-ply HyVent fabric design, the Decagon Jacket has you covered ten times over with a rugged seam sealed construction and warm Thermaliner insulation, so you keep the elements out until you decide to crank open the Pit-zip Vents. The Decagon Jacket also has a hidden media pocket that easily accommodates all compact MP3 systems and even a few digital video cameras. An internal security pocket keeps your currency, cards and extra DV cartridges warm inside the jacket. The Decagon features the Pant-a-locks system, so you can attach the jacket to ski or snowboard pants made by The North Face and keep spindrift out of your inner layers. * Waterproof and breathable 70-denier nylon faille weave dual-ply HyVent fabric * Warm Thermaliner 105-gm. insulation * Fixed hood construction * Pit-Zip vents with mesh gussets beneath sleeves * Dual cargo pockets and hand warmer pockets * Left bicep pocket, concealed media pocket and zippered internal security pocket * Gripper powder skirt with Pant-a-locks attachments for a secure fit that locks out spindrift * Adjustable cuffs and hem cinch cord * Dropped hem in back adds essential coverage * Weight: 33.4 oz. (947 g.)
14 Jun 2007
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Make this low-cost camera stabilizer for smooth, professional looking video.
16 Jan 2010
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a hidden message when you play barney backwards... this is not a pop up scary image! I was bored one night with my best friend and a video camera and we reversed many songs..pretty much finding nothing...until our mouths dropped hearing this subliminal message.
3 Mar 2009
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Salesman seems to know what to use a video camera for?
2 Jul 2006
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Hidden inside this tiny key chain is a high resolution 1280 x 960 video camera that records digital video 29 fps, for up to 50 minutes. It's also a 1.2 megapixel still camera that will take up to 4,000 huge photographs! Find out more info *******eyespypro****/products/Covert-Key-Chain-Hidden-Camera-And-Digital-Video-Recorder.html, and watch the video for a special offer just for you at the end...
22 May 2009
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Able to freeze People with a video camera
27 Sep 2007
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Call SpyTec (*******www.spynyc****) at 877-212-7400 to buy your Supercardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone High Quality miniature electret condenser microphone. Directional tube with windscreen. Supercardioid pic-up pattern, designed for frequencies of medium range, allows user to isolate and pick-up distant sounds such as human voices, birds, other wildlife, etc. Small, lightweight, compact. Uses standard "AAA" battery with easy replacement. Adjustable volume control Includes mounting hardware for use with binoculars or video cameras.
20 Nov 2007
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16 Mar 2010
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