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This is a ultra-small digital spy camera that hidden in a shampoo bottle , it looks like an ordinary shampoo bottle , but it has a very powerful function, the most interest is that it internally hides a smallest camera DVR , it does not need any external plug-in card, built in memory 8GB itself, can work up to 4-5hours. there is time date stamp for the record, you can get the most authentic evidence for a variety of illegal behaviour.ideal for CIA agents ,police,detector,and spy agency.this products is only developed by omejo for special offers. Specification 1.Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses. 2.Its great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam , etc. 3.Real time recording in AVI video format 4.Continuous recording until memory is fullmanually off 5.Color video with voice 6.Internal rechargeable battery 7.Internal memory:8GB 8.Playback video on PC 9.Video compression : AVI video format,640*480/30fps 10.Voice recording: Yes 11.Internal memory: Yes 12.Flash:8 GB 13.Video file size; >500KB per min. 14.Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is fullmanually off 15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable 16.Battery type : Lithium-ion 1200MA 17.Record time : up to 1h for 2GB 18.Battery use time : about 4-5hour 19.Weight:290g *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=54 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=54 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=54 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=54 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=59 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=59 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=59 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=59 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=55 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=55 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=55 *******shop.omejo****/productsshow.php?id=55
23 Jan 2010
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gas that makes voice deep also used in that other vid i had about the invisible water
16 Jan 2007
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Video games have no shortage of terrible voice acting examples, but these are five of the all-time worst. Or best, depending on how you look at.
15 Jun 2012
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Metacafe TV looks ahead to the next week in TV and highlights what to watch or schedule on your DVR. Shows to look out for: - The Event (NBC) - The Voice (NBC) - Glee (Fox) - Son of a Gun (MTV) - The Office (NBC)
23 Apr 2011
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Episode 2: And They All Lived Happily Ever... Oh... Cast: MasakoX- Goku, Gohan, Roshi Lanipator- Piccolo, Krillin, Phil Ken Sebben, Mountain Climber Vegeta3986- Radditz Megami33- Bulma KaiserNeko- Ambiguous Voice Songs: The Atonement by Michiru Oshima Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Kageyama Hiranobu
7 Nov 2008
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“Isochronous is an entirely new beast. Their songs are melodically supercharged, epic, topped with Brokensha’s frankly spine-buzzing voice”. (Pretoria News) Dizzy Khaki got exclusive access to ISO's recording of their latest album. Here's what each member had to say about the new direction the band is heading in with Polydimension.
3 Jul 2016
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LOST returning to TV on Jan. 21st, the cast of Heroes arrives to help answer some of the island's mysteries. All of our new videos premiere on JustForLaughs****. Watch the complete LOST series on JustForLaughs****! Created by The Fine Brothers. Featuring the guest voices of iJustine as Claire and TheWineKone as Sylar.
21 Jan 2009
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Prank calling friends via instant messaging and VoIP. Change your voice and disguise your age, gender or identity.
13 Dec 2006
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Lou Ferrigno known as the Hulk. Lou Ferrigno Ferrigno was born in Brooklyn, New York to an Italian-American family, the son of Matthew, a New York City Policeman who, according to Lou, was often very critical and negative towards him. At the age of three, Lou suffered ear infection and permanently lost his hearing. Ferrigno started weight training at age 12, citing body builder and Hercules star Steve Reeves as one of his role models. After graduating at Brooklyn Technical High School in Ferrigno won his first major titles, IFBB Mr. America and Mr. Universe, four years later. In 1974, Lou came in second on his first attempt at the Mr. Olympia competition. He then came third the following year, and his attempt to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger was the subject of the 1975 documentary Pumping Iron. Following this, Ferrigno left the competition circuit for many years. Ferrigno competed in the first World's Strongest Man contest in 1977, where he finished fourth in a field of eight competitors. While competing, Ferrigno commonly went to see a physician who checked up on whether he was doing damage to his body.At his peak, the 6 ft 5 (195 cm) Ferrigno's contest weight was 285 lb (130 kg) and he was one of the tallest professional bodybuilders at that time. While he never beat Schwarzenegger in bodybuilding, Ferrigno did have one triumph over his Austrian rival: the role of the Hulk on the 1970s television series. Only because Arnold was not tall enough, the producers stated. Lou Ferrigno in the episode "Married" of TV's The Incredible Hulk (1978) Ferrigno provides Hulk's voice in The Incredible Hulk (2008). In the early 1990s, Ferrigno returned to bodybuilding, competing for the 1992 and 1993 Mr. Olympia titles. Finishing 12th and 10th, respectively, he then turned to the Masters Olympia, coming second in 1994 to Robby Robinson. After this, he retired from competition.what an incredible massive bodybuilder, ripped, cut, massive, big arms, and a huge mass of muscle. This bodybuilder is an enormous champion, deserving the mr.olympia many times, a true winner, with very low fat and amazing lean muscle mass. Larry Scott was the first olympia winner, with his massive arms. Sergio Oliva was crowned mr. olympia three times from 1967 and well deserved it. Arnold won the mr. olympia seven times, equalled by lee haney, and Dorian Yates pretty close. Bodybuilding is not only a pastime, but rather a lifestyle says dexter jackson. Building massive arms, with a routine to pump the biceps and get that peak. Female bodybuilding is also popular, and started with rachel mclish and cory everson. The use of anabolic steroids is spoiling the image of the sport. On stage the bodybuilders like dexter jackson are pumped, cut, ripped, and massive, and stay that way during the grand prix. Excellent exercises are squats, hack, curls, press, bench press, dead lifts, side raises, peck deck, to grow muscles such as triceps, arms, legs, calves, back, lats, for a good lat spread, double bicep, side chest, abs and thighs, rear double bicep, for the judges, after their posing routine, all oiled up, and pumped from the gym work. Massive gigantic huge enormous bodybuilders on stage waiting for the results. the latest 2008 results made jay cutler almost a winner, and only second to dexter jackson. He won the 2006 IFBB world championships. Natural bodybuilding is effective with Hypnosis is not only used by muscle-men but also by female bodybuilders to build muscle and fitness and for extra stamina for weight training. Hypnosis for bodybuilders can be used with a special bodybuilding routine that requires natural strength. Muscular strength is greatly enhanced with Hypnotic muscle mass, and hypnotic strength. Who is the biggest bodybuilder ever? Maybe Ronnie Coleman. So building muscle mass with hypnosis is very effective. Building strength with hypnosis. Using the mind to control a workout, good pump, for the biceps, thighs, back, triceps such as dexter jackson , pecs, chest, and full body tone. Hypnosis for fitness and stamina, and self hypnosis for hardcore bodybuilders for a better recovery and sleep, better rest, and better nutrition. Melvin Anthony, open fitness fitform ifbb, world champion ifbb aef, champion olympia IFBB NABBA arnold classic, mr. universe mister olympia, mr. olympia, new york pro championship. Famous top bodybuilders like dorian yates, ronnie coleman, jay cutler, arnold schwarzenegger, tom platz, lee haney, frank zane, larry scott, melvin anthony, jason arntz, albert beckles, darrem charles, ronnie coleman, chris cormier, porter cottrell, jay cutler, bill davey, paul demayo, chris dickerson, paul dillett, nasser el sonbaty, cory everson, jean-pierre fux, michael francois, rich gaspari, lee haney, john hansen, yolanda hughes, dexter jackson, dennis james,
14 Nov 2008
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This cute and funny video features an adorable dog and cantankerous kitten play fighting with hilarious comments! The ultimate dog vs cat smackdown! Video and voices by Daniel Wolfert for the pet insurance comparison site *******Pet-Insurance-Information**** CPOC
7 Jan 2009
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The memory of unforgettable with sad eyes Princess Soraya Esfandiary. This film players Soraya:Anna Valle Shah Mohammed:Erol Sander vocal:Zeki Muren(legendery voice of Turkey) Prepared by:Ersin Faikzade
8 May 2007
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Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial shows a romantic dinner where a woman starts to light candles on the dinner table until the man says, “Allow me” and gracefully breathes fire to light them instead. She sits back, dumb-founded and says, “Wowwww” but then the guy asks, “do you have a cat?” because he is apparently allergic. He begins to sneeze, shooting fireballs across the room, singeing the tablecloth, the cat, and much of the room before he gets it under control. The last cut shows an angry woman, holding a charred cat and the guy saying, “I’m Really Sorry!” and a voice-over says, “No longer available with the ability to breathe fire.”
6 Feb 2008
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Voice actor Scott Porter, who voices new X-Man Adrian, gives us insight into his mutant character and the issues his character must confront.
22 Jul 2011
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Vocal Lesson For Beginners Only Voice Mechanics
26 Oct 2007
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How to get rid of a guy. Very smart (the girl has a great voice, though!)
5 Jul 2006
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this is that we call a strong voice!
27 Mar 2006
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