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We bought a Piggy bank that turned into a spank bank.... for our dog
3 Jul 2011
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Hope this cute video will Brighten up your Day! Make sure to 'Like' if it made you Smile :) Get to know Poki more :******* We added a new family member and her name is Poki-Hontas.She is an African pygmy Hedgehog which are domesticated and commonly bred and sold as pets. I got her for my Birthday. Hedgehogs are very Prickly but Cute at the same time. They are Nocturnal animals. We bought her from a very experienced Breeder which had handled her properly and socialized her ( Beach Bum Hedgehogs) She has such a great Temperament and is seriously the most precious thing ever. I just love playing with her and giving her rubs. Nimbus is getting along with Poki really well.. We had to teach him that Poki was Friend not food !!! Its illegal to own Hedgehogs as pets is couple of the states in America so just make sure to do your Research first :) I did get pricked couple times playing with her so I wouldn't suggest getting a Hedgehog if you have small kids.
15 Dec 2013
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A Near life size Black Spiderman Bust Cake. See my cakes at ******* Spiderman Bust was made for my 3 year old son in 2009. It was enough for about 25 kids. This is the second cake I have ever made. My wife baked the 4 sponge cakes, and we bought the two rectangular cakes (madeira cake) Would you like me to make any other cakes? suggestions welcome
24 Aug 2013
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Hey Guys and Ghouls, here is our ew review on the Monster High School , we hope you like this video and dont forget to Rate, comment and Subscribe we bought this play set on June 17th 2012 we didnt have time to make a video before but we totally recomend it :P Wookiewarrior23
4 Jun 2013
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We made a sweet chocolate Pokéball with marzipan Pikachu inside! Mosogourmet father challenged marzipan Pikachu...and he lost. 妄想グルメ(父)はマジパンに挑戦し、敗れた。。。orz Click on Annotation button! Please watch in 1080p HD! アノテーションボタンをクリック!画質変更して見てください! We bought the silicon capsule mold at a 100-yen shop. We had many requests for a Pokéball after making Valentine Capsule Chocolates ( ***********/watch?v=gHki2hwTraw ). 100円ショップで買ったカプセルチョコレートを作るシリコン製の型で みなさんからリクエストの多かった、ポケモンのモンスターボールを作ってみました。 (以前のカプセルチョコレートの動画⇒***********/watch?v=gHki2hwTraw ) Please subscribe⇒***********/user/mosogourmet Our Facebook page⇒*******www.facebook****/mosogourmet Our Twitter⇒*******twitter****/mosogourmet Our blog⇒*******
11 Dec 2013
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The other video was been deleted.. I don't know why, BUT I hope you like this one. :-D I WANNA SAY THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VIEWS! I've never been up on so many views before. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lyrics: I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us Ever thought about losing it When your money's all gone and you lose your whip You might lose your grip when the landlord tell ya that you do for rent And the grass so green on the other side Make a n-gga wanna run staight through the fence We're never freezed by two hundred times But still can't find no food in it That's foolishness And sometimes I wonder, why we care so much about the way we look, And the way we talk and the way we act and the clothes we bought, How much that cost? Cause it even really matter? Cause the flight is a uphill battle But y'all tryna climb with the same ol' ladder In the same boat, with the same ol' battle Why so shallow? I'm just asking What's the pattern setting madness Everybody ain't a number one draft pick Most of us ain't hollywood actors But if it's all for one, and one for all Then maybe one day, we all can rock Do it one time for the underdogs Sincerely yours, from one of yours I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us I can feel your pain, I can feel your struggle You just wanna live, been levitating so low That you could drown in a bubble That's why I gotta hold us up, yeah hold us up For all the times no one's ever spoke for us To every single time that they play this song You can say that that's what bobby ray wrote for us When the tides get too high And the sea upon your knees get so deep And you feel like you're just another person Getting lost in the crowd, where your partner, no please Uh, because we won't be near yet, both of us But we still stand tall with our shoulders up And even though we always a chance to us These are the things that've molded us And if life hadn't chosen us Sometimes I wonder where woulda wind up Cause if it was up to me, i'd make a new blueprint Feel better from the ground up, hey But if it's all for one, and one for all Then maybe one day, we all can rock Do it one time for the underdogs From bobby ray, to all of y'all I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us Oohhh, oohh (4x) xoxo THETAYLORSWIFTLOVER. ♥
25 Sep 2012
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**PLEASE READ** This is just a random video the we filmed during a sleep over, please note that we're just goofing off and having a fun time! :) xoxo, Bethany Other links- Subscribe to my other channel!- ***********/macbarbie07 Follow me on Twitter!- *******www.twitter****/macbarbie07 Follow me on DAILYBOOTH!- *******www.dailybooth****/macbarbie07 Check out my polyvore!- *******www.polyvore****/cgi/profile?id=962598 Disclaimer- We bought all of this baby food ourselves, and all of our opinions are honest.. trust me. Baby food is not good haha
26 Jan 2013
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NOW ON ITUNES!!!: ***********/us/album/pan-con-queso-feat-bago-single/id422110415 & AMAZON.COM ***********/gp/product/B004P7OVEK/ref=dm_sp_alb?ie=UTF8&qid=1299116959&sr=8-1 Pan Con Queso the official COMEDIC SPOOF Spanish remix of Black and Yellow. Heights Entertainment ---www.facebook****/juanbago FACEBOOK FAN PAGE www.facebook****/juanbagoando Directed by: Gilberto Flores Written & Performed by Tommie Nibbs & Jeff Lapaixx www.twitter****/Lapaixx Lip synced by Juan Bago www.twitter****/juanbago And Oscar Martinez www.twitter****/O4R3AL FOR MP3 EMAIL michaeldiazheightsentertainment**** FOR BOOKINGS & All Other Inquiries: royp.perezgmail**** Lyrics in English: Damn bro, i'm hungry as hell Went to the store trying to get me some coffee and some bread I need it, i'm depressed In the fridge, theres no water bread or kneaded bread I go outside and see some shorty selling nutella Saying "baby this is goood!" -- what a fu*king liar! Out in the streets, dramatic like a soap opera Cold as hell, boots on, but with no socks I am mad as hell, avoid yourself some problems I dont want sweet cream, oatmeal, or corn starch And finally we get there, and we bought em A lil bread, a lil coffee And right away, i began devouring!
24 Jun 2011
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Estimated time: 25 minutes. PRODUCTS USED: Chanel Pro Lumiere Laura Mercier Metallic paints in Platinum, Burnished Copper Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Eurydice Estee Lauder Stay in Place liner in Onyx Nars Bronzer in Laguna MAC blush in Bright Coral (Pro) Benefit lipstick in Jing-a-ling Shu Uemura feather lashes MAC spiked eyebrow pencil. FTC. We bought the Nars eyeshadow and Shu Uemura eyelashes. Everything else we were given. We are not affiliated to any company.
13 Dec 2011
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My grandma always wanted the movie Marley and Me so for christmas we bought her the movie and the puppy to go with it. She had no idea!! Twitter: adriizzy Facebook: *******www.facebook****/adrianna.skoulikides
16 Nov 2013
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Heathersvlogs Link!!! ***********/user/HeathersVlogs?feature=g-all-u Out having some fun with my new Thureon Defence 45 ACP Carbine BRUISER!!! We bought it with the Slide Fire stock on it and it's just like owning a fully automatic machine gun!!! We got it from mycarbine****
1 Jan 2013
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We took a trip to some scary store where you will find zombies, ghosts, and other scary monsters. I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy? We bought some pumpkins and took them home and carved them. Our Jack-o-Lanterns came out funny and scary looking! See our latest featured comments of the week by visiting the link in the annotations in this video or the link in this description below. Check out a funny video from JimmyKimmelLive "Jimmy Kimmel" YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Did you go shopping for some real scary Halloween costumes? If so be sure to share your scary costume here with us by posting a video response to this video! How did your Jack-O-Lantern come out? Show us yours by posting a video response to this video! If you have a prank idea we are eager to have you share it with us! Link to featured comments: ***********/watch?v=jj_Pm54g5cE Keep on commenting and get your chance to have your comment featured in our next video! I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy so they would not eat too much and get sick.
1 Feb 2014
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Ever After High Madeline Hatter Makeup Tutorial! Check out Chad Alan's video where he shows you how to make the costume! ******* More Ever After High Tutorials coming soon!! Make sure to subscribe! One of Emma's favorite Ever After High Episodes is Maddie-In-Chief ***********/watch?v=fV2i9LWnAI0 Madeline Hatter™ decides to go off script and run against Apple White™ in the Royal Student Council Election. Will Maddie's riddlish-filled debate win over the other students, or is she putting the cup before the kettle? Dress & Hat: Chad Alan Wig, Lip Gloss palette, ring, earrings, necklace: Light In The Box ******* Mascara: Maybelline Big Lash Eyeliner: Lancome Eyeshadow: 88 glitter palette from makeupartistchoice**** Lipstck: Covergirl Plumtastic Blush: Blush Quad by City Colors Brushes: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo on YouTube OUR LINKS:Twitter: *******www.twitter****/kittiesmamayt Facebook: ********www.facebook****/KittiesMamaOfficial Website: *******www.kittiesmama**** Instagram: *******instagram****/officialkittiesmamayt Noah's Instagram: *******instagram****/noahkittiesmama_official Jonah's Instagram: *******instagram****/jonahkittiesmama Emma's Instagram: *******instagram****/emma_kitty_offical# OUR PLAYLISTS: ***********/watch?v=P-10NIJHASU&list=SP312EDA532A62820C&index=1 KittiesMama Weekly Family Vlogs ***********/playlist?list=PL17786672A170FB76 Monster High Makeup Looks: ***********/playlist?list=PL312EDA532A62820C Emma's Beauty/Makeup tutorials ***********/playlist?list=PL6C081DFBEC692944 Mini-Celebrities Series ************/watch?v=gCL0pZMkAPg&list=PLDD0E20D6028DEE1F&feature=plpp_play_all KittiesMama Skits and Shorts All of kittiesmama's skits and short videos! ***********/playlist?list=PL2A2A228325807414 MUSIC: Moonlight Hall by Kevin MacLeod: incompetech**** Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/ Disclaimer: Some of the items you see in this video were given to me by companies for free. None are paying me for this video. All opinions are my own. Light in the box has been awesome enough to give us some things that will help make our tutorials even more fabulous. We got some cool stuff at Beauty Con in the goodie bag. The brushes were sent to us from Klout as a perk. We bought the Madeline Hatter doll with our own dollars and everything else you see in the video besides the awesome costume that Chad made for us, seriously if you are reading this and you haven't seen his video where he shows how he made it, stop reading this and go watch it! :D Love~ Emma & Mommy
23 Dec 2013
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How easily do tablets break if dropped? *******www.squaretrade****/playbook We bought a brand-new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and did some drop tests from waist-high. Trying to simulate if you drop it from a coffee table or on the street. Drop #1 - Scratched the corners, broke glass in the corner Drop #2 - Landed flat on the screen and shattered it Congrats to our 2 warranty winners! They won a free warranty for posting a comment below, and they will get years of accident protection for your portable devices. - pauldid - seecoolguy Thanks for watching. *******www.squaretrade****/playbook P.S. We don't cover intentional damage like you see in the video. Filmed and edited by Jeph Foust. *******www.jephfoust****
7 Jul 2012
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Hey Guys and Ghouls!!!! finally we have the time to post our collection video we started collecting mh dolls on July 2010 and for the past 2 years Monster High bring to us happyness, love, patient and also be ourself everysingle day and respect others 2 years of doll haunting, sillyness and alot of reviews, stopmotion videos and more, we dedicate this video to every single one of our subscribers and also to the people who doesnt have a youtube account but watch our videos, all we have to say is Thank you all the dolls you see in this video were found in stores like walmart, target, toysrus, justice, walgreens, kohls, claires, kroger a retail prize. they only dolls we bought online were : 2010 SDCC Frankie Stein at shopjustice**** 2011 SDCC Ghoulia Yelp one from ebay and one from mattycollector**** 2012 SDCC Scarah Screams and Hoodude VooDoo from mattycollector**** double pack Roller Maze Ghoulia and Abbey at kmart**** we got a couple of dolls from our fans, Spectra Vondegeist from Spain and Clawdeen/Howleen from the UK we also got some stuff from Monster High/ Mattel Create a Monster Starter Pack Vampire and Sea Monster, Werewolf and Dragon and the add on packs insect, skeleton and 3 eyed ghoul also 2 mh packpacks, 4 Mh tshirts and 2 westophate wrist bands and Venus Mcflytrap and Robecca Steam autographed by Garret Sander We hope you enjoy our collection, please rate, comment and subscribe :) Drusila and Nessy aka wookiewarrior23
21 Dec 2012
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Freddy (canary) gets a free ride on Cedric's (cockatiel) back in the bath. They are both female (i know, it's strange they have male names, but when we bought them we thought they were males & kept there names as it is) I apologize for the poor video quality in some areas, as this video was recorded on a Sharp GX-30 phone and not on a digital camera. And yes the canary is REAL, just because it doesn't do a lot in the video, doesn't mean it's fake or a toy. I'd imagine it would be very hard to find a toy canary that looks like my canary... Take a look at my other bird videos and decide for yourself if my canary is real before you leave a comment!
7 Sep 2009
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