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“Conan Exiles is a survival game combining brutal combat, powerful building systems, and intense player vs. player warfare, all set in a vast and open sandbox,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos. “But it’s certainly not an empty sandbox and we’ve gone to great lengths to give the world a sense of place and history. Players will come upon points of interest as they explore the world, characters they can interact with, and they can delve into dungeons and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations. Conan Exiles is definitely about surviving and building your own world, but it’s also about discovering the world that we have crafted.” Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Here players must survive in a savage world, build their kingdom, and dominate their enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare. You start with nothing but your bare hands and forge the legacy of your clan, building anything from a small home to gigantic fortresses and entire cities. Wage war using swords, bows, siege weapons, and even take control of giant avatars of the gods and lay waste to enemy cities. Conan Exiles can be experienced in both local single-player and in persistent online multiplayer.
15 May 2018
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The United States began as 'one nation under God,' and focused on 'in God we trust.' We were called the land of opportunity, and a land of pride and plenty. Our Constitution was the model for the free world. It's time to get back to the basics of American values! SEARCHING FOR REALITY is a minor-mode song that is a satire on how life is NOT meant to be lived. But each line of the negative song is transposed into a online E-book of very positive, powerful thoughts for living life to the max, and in the vision our founding fathers had for us. You can listen to the song sung by the composer Roger Himes, the lawyer who created Constitution Lawyer Coach . com. You can also read the lyrics. Just reading the lyrics of the song will open up a whole new world of creative ideas in you. Then allow America's original values to become part of your life in unique new creative ways.
18 Aug 2017
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Instrumental Piano Cover of disney's "A Whole New World", from Aladdin, on piano. Original version is by Kyle Landry, there's sheet music on his website. For more piano/violin/guitar covers, feel free to visit my channel!
6 Feb 2014
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"Can You Feel the love tonight", by Elton John, on acoustic piano, by me, Zach Evans. Original song by Elton John. If you want free sheet music, you can get it on Kyle Landry's channel, otherwise I think there is a tutorial for the instrumental out there somewhere. I don't have anymore Lion King covers, but there's an Aladdin Whole New World cover on my channel if you like Disney Covers If you want to see more covers, feel free to visit my YouTube channel, I do piano covers, violin covers, guitar covers, and drum covers of popular songs: ***********/user/Keystroke3?feature=watch
15 Jan 2014
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Good morning, my beautiful shining stars! Join me as I get ready for some spring romance with this pretty, feminine look! Featuring products from ipsy's April Glam Bag Pretty in Pink. Hope you all enjoy! Check out these great products from Ipsy's April Glam Bag! Subscription link: ******* Sexy Hair: ******* Be a Bombshell: ******* Two Cosmetics: ******* MicaBeauty: ******* Sation Nail lacquer: ******* LET'S HANG OUT AT THE GENERATION BEAUTY EVENT! Click here for more information: *******www.genbeauty**** (use the code CHARISMASTARTV to get 25% discount off of your ticket) Want to know me more? Come hang out with me: FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/CharismaStarTV TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/CharismaStarTV Charis' INSTAGRAM: "CharismaStar" Jacob's INSTAGRAM: "jacobelijahlincoln" KEEK: "CharismaStarTv" Products Used: Pacifica "Dreamy Youth" Face Cream Pacifica "Alight Multi-Mineral" BB Cream Cinema Secrets Foundation A Generic Bronzer Mary Kay Brow Powder Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in "Coconut Nectar" NYX Brown Liner in "Kohl Kajal" Be A Bombshell Blush n "Beach Please" Two Cosmetics "Heartache Duo" Shadow Makeup Geek Golddigger Shadow NYX Roll-on Shimmer in "Salmon" Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara NYX Liquid Liner in Jet Black Be A Bombshell Blush in "Sweet Cheeks" NYX Butter Gloss in "Vanilla Cream Pie" Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Sation Nail Lacquer in "Of Corset I'll Call You" Sephora "A Whole New World" Perfume/Shimmer Bronzer Flower Crown made by me! Watch my DIY HERE: ******* Every month I create a new beauty tutorial using all the products from the latest glam bags for the ipsy subscribers. If you don't have a glam bag, you can just substitute all the products with something similar! Just $10 for a glam bag, all ipsy glam bag products are featured in this video! *******www.ipsy****/ ******* Song: "This Is What You Do" by Jacob Elijah Lincoln Now on iTunes: ************/us/album/this-is-what-you-do-single/id636129145 Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Editor: Final Cut Pro
25 Nov 2013
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Building on the success of the recently opened Solon Market District, Giant Eagle, Inc. introduces a whole new world of food to the Akron-Canton area with the opening of the new Green Market District located at 1700 Corporate Woods Parkway. Food Network Star, world-renowned chef and author Tyler Florence will participate in the store’s grand opening celebration, greeting customers and signing autographs. Florence joins the long list of the world’s most prominent chefs who have been wowed by the Market District experience. Martha Stewart called Market District a “veritable retail wonderland,” and Guy Fieri “the Disneyland of grocery stores.” Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s popular show, “Man vs. Food”, called Market District “heaven’s gift to foodies.” To view the Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.multivu****/mnr/64335-giant-eagle-food-network-chef-tyler-florence-market-district-grand-opening
7 Nov 2013
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Rooting is the stripping out the restrictive settings of your Android device and giving you more capabilities of your device to alter the way you feel that you need to. Rooting your Android does this by adding administrative capabilities to your Android device by altering its system permissions. This actual process is a form of hacking, but Congress made it perfectly legal once you own the device that you want to jailbreak or root. If your method of rooting Android devices is done improperly it can destroy your phone. Do not follow any of the instructions of anyone, including your friends, unless they can prove to you that they have purchased a guaranteed software for rooting Android, or have someone who knows how to do this professionally. Although the process is not supported by the device manufacturer, some will void your Android device warranty and will not offer help should something go wrong Most legitimate and guaranteed software or programs for rooting Android comes from membership linked sites where you pay a fee and get unlimited or lifetime membership, so that you can return and run the rooting program once again, should you develop problems in the future Root the Android *******www.squidoo****/rooting-an-android Root Android Direct: *******jbmail.rootandroid.revenuewire****/root-android/homepage Root-Android**** sells a completely unique product. Android is the most used operating system for smart phones and tablets and over 1 million new Android devices are activated daily. Root-Android modifies the Android OS to give users "Administrator" privileges on their device so they can tweak and hack their device to it's full potential and remove limits imposed by manufacturers and carriers. Root Android is the ultimate utility for gaining 'root access' control to your Android smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. When you root your Android mobile device you get the power to boost its performance, access a wider range of the latest and greatest apps, upgrade your device faster and with greater freedom, instantly open locked features, get WI-FI and Blue-tooth Tethering and much more. So don't wait. Root your Android NOW! Root Android modifies your Android mobile device's OS to give you "Administrator" privileges for that device. Admin privileges allow you to tap into your mobile device's full potential, removing any and all limitations imposed by manufacturer and carrier settings. You'll have access to the best apps on the market and also be able to WIFI tether your phone to your laptop, saving you up to $500 a year in Internet charges! Access Way More Apps. Root Android opens your phone to a whole new world of awesome Android Apps. In fact most of the best Android Apps require root access. With root access you'll be able to download Apps from custom ROMs such as Switchers that can toggle WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, Microsoft Exchange to support work mail and more. And, after you root your phone, you can install Apps directly to the SD card, instead of clogging up your device's memory. Easy 3-Step Process To root your Android device all you have to do is follow these three easy steps. First, Visit our site and watch the Root Android video. Then login to the member's area and securely download the software. And third, safely root your Android (it's guaranteed to work!). You're done! Now you can enjoy the benefits of total 'root access' control over your Android mobile device… You will have a lifetime membership to the rooting site. You may come back to root your devices as often as you want and after every Android update. Root all of your tablet , phones and Android devices in less than 10 minutes. Enjoy *******jbmail.rootandroid.revenuewire****/root-android/homepage
15 Mar 2013
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Download here: ******* Diablo 3 has been out for a little while now. At this point people have already began to realize that it has a repetitive ring to it after a while. For the younger generation of games with time to burn and daylight to waste this is an OK thing. But for older gamers we find ourselves in a bind. We enjoy games just as much as the rest of the world, however simply lack the time to spend. Using this bot for Diablo III is the ultimate way to solve this problem. It allows you to skip the longer bull parts and move right on in to the exciting stuff. Grinding is just not fun, and until it becomes fun bots will continue to exist for the purpose of giving people what they want.When it comes to diablo 3 the worst part is the grind. After you beat the game the first few times you start to realize that your character is horribly under equipped for the challenge that is the next level. This bot offers a whole new world to players who just can't play the game as it is. Once you start to try it you'll realize that it is a real timesaver. No matter what your reason is for botting this program will save the most valued thing in your life, time. No longer will you be a slave to hours of playing the same repetitive level over and over. If your a somewhat savvy gamer then sure you could even make some money off this thing. Features of the Bot for Diablo III: Attacks monsters and breakables using available skills. Opens doors, chests, and manipulates environment objects. Uses health potions and health globes as needed. Auto-identify items, loot drops, sell junks, salvage, stash legendary or set items; Be able to cross various mobs; Be able to evade from molten explosion, arcane enchanted, frozen, plague, desecrator and so on while looting coins; Navigates the world intelligently with no preconfiguration, no need to record path or waypoints; Supports auto-login, resume game, leave game, offline re-login, auto selecting ACT and quest; Visually displays the actions of the bot. Applied anti-warden technology, hard to detect; Adopts long-time farming round, avoid Blizzard punishment due to "Too Much Game Instance"; Memory-based reading technology, fast, effective, being able to run back-end; Could run multiple Diablo III game clients on one PC, only limited by PC performance; Works for any class; Supports online patch; Easy to use, works with very little to no configuration; Plentiful, productive farming profiles for gold yield; Full access to new features as they are added. Updated within 24 hours for most game updates. Supports All Server Regions,but currently game client is limited in English version;
16 Oct 2012
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*******girlssleepawaycamps****/new-hampshire/why-sleep-away-camp-is-important/ When girls go to a sleepaway camp in New Hampshire in the summer a whole new world of possibilities may open up for them. In the stress-free outdoor environments they can learn new and exciting things. And they can also make friendships that last a lifetime. Find out the questions you must ask to find a girls sleep-away camp - in New Hampshire or anywhere else - that's right for you daughter. Get more free videos to help choose, pick, or find a sleep away camp to meet your needs. *******girlssleepawaycamps****/new-hampshire/why-sleep-away-camp-is-important/
12 Feb 2012
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FULL DESCRIPTION: ***********/watch?v=80KGp-AM958&feature=channel_video_title How To Shred On Guitar Here is the Steve Vai Solo Concept 2 and Its shredding time ! The whammy bar is such a lovely addition to the guitar and with mastery creates a whole new world. Here I present an idea that I started using after hearing Steve Vai. I discovered that even though it seems easy to "just" dip and dive the whammy bar. There´s actually more to it, you have to develop a feeling for the whammy bar and in the video I give you a nice and easy way to start to get used to the bar. I see people who are new to whammy are struggling quite a lot to ,make it sound good and so the idea will clear up the worst mistakes. Good luck
23 Jan 2012
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*******www.fireplacedownloads****/Download-Fireplaces.html Video screenssavers are fast becoming the future. Before with standard definition videos, the quality simply wasn't good enough to display a life like scene that looked realistic and sharp. Now with a High definition screensaver video people can use their TV's to display high quality screensavers that add ambience and atmosphere to a room whilst their TV is not in use. Using a television in this way opens up a whole new world of screensaver videos to enjoy in your home. The audio in these videos also adds to the ambience in your room and coupled with some nice relaxing music, you can really create a little paradise in your lounge. At the moment not many people are producing high quality scenery videos but this is definitely changing. Most of the screensaver videos for TV's are on DVD, but the quality of DVD is not good enough to do these videos any justice. More people are starting to produce Blu-ray disks now but they are expensive, you still need a blu-ray player and if you lose the disk you have to buy another. Fortunately media streamers are very cheap to buy now and people are using them to play videos on their TV's without the need for disks. This means that with a media streamer you can play any video you like on your TV without having to go and get the disk out of the cabinet and into your player. The hassle of disks mean that most people that own scenery videos on DVD hardly ever end up playing their videos and even if they do they quality will now look very poor on a HD TV. The solution to all of this is to download HD videos to your computer for playback on your TV, Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, MAC or PC. This is definitely better than buying disks as you can back up your files so you wont ever lose them. It also means that you will be able to play your screensaver video with a few buttons on the remote without having to go and get a disk out the cabinet. By making your screensaver videos more accessible, you will end up using them more and your television suddenly becomes a piece of art in your room. Wouldn't a lovely beach or a cosy fire be far better than a black screen when you are relaxing in your lounge? Of course it is and that is why so many people are starting to use video screensavers in their homes. What first appeared in Sci-Fi films like Back to the Future 2 is now becoming a true reality in many medern homes. If you are looking for some of the best fireplace video screensavers then visit *******www.fireplacedownloads****
13 Jan 2012
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IllusionMage is the software about to walk you through the realm of 3D modeling, animations, cartoon animations, graphic models…and much more! for more info go to : *******webproductsmarket****/computers-internet/illusionmage-create-a-whole-new-world-review/
2 Jan 2012
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