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Wired magazine proclaims 2009 as the year that text-advertising becomes location based (via GPS). So what happens when we receive ads with retail discounts when we pass or come close to a store? Nalts and WifeofNalts explore this not-to-distant future. Feel free to use this footage, but please credit: *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Feb 2011
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Brittany and Brianna, their dad, and some friends visit Yo'Tube 2008 Gathering at Independence Park in Philadelphia PA. Channels of those featured in this video are below: ***********/sillykairi4 ***********/TheEricaAndLilyShow ***********/pipistrello ***********/princessdiana161 ***********/nalts ***********/wifeofnalts ***********/maryann712 ***********/user/bnessel1973 Others we ran into: *******YouTube****/Urgo6667 *******YouTube****/swimmer631 *******YouTube****/xlntads *******YouTube****/tktseller *******YouTube****/hippygram *******YouTube****/mattlaw25 *******YouTube****/kyleyankan *******YouTube****/charlestrippy *******YouTube****/violetkitty411 *******YouTube****/maryann712 *******YouTube****/jenluvspage *******YouTube****/bnessel1973 *******YouTube****/geneticblend *******YouTube****/nbwulf *******YouTube****/xgobobeanx *******YouTube****/themightythor1212 *******YouTube****/AnthroVlog *******YouTube****/thebigfatlamp *******YouTube****/geogodley *******YouTube****/CousinoMacul *******youtube****/TheLilRedheadedGirl We also met CreativityTv while we were there and we spent a few hours with them. Would you like to become an actor / actress and get paid for acting, modeling or singing? Check our auditions website if you want more information on how to audition to be on TV. *******www.all4tubekids****/audition Please comment and rate our videos. All comments are screened by Brittany and Brianna's father before they are approved for public display. This is part of our procedures to help keep our channel clean and safe for all ages. To help keep our channel safe we screen all subscribers and remove them as needed on a daily basis. Please check your subscriptions and favorites to see if your channel is acceptable for children before subscribing to us or making friends requests with all4tubekids. We have consent from all those shown in this video. © by All4tubekids. All rights reserved
25 Nov 2009
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Want to terrify your neighbors? Try some of these decoration tips and how-to horror projects by such terror masters as Iggy35 and DavideoDesign! Oh, and Nalts. ***********/iggy35 ***********/davideodesign Thanks to wifeofnalts for subtitles and slatersgarage for tunes! Happy Halloween Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Oct 2009
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Fox's Glee has different effects on people, based on their high school memories. For Nalts, it's a torturous reminder of the abuse he took. But Wifeofnalts celebrates Glee by recalling her cheerleading, prom and musical solos. Thanks to Glee for allowing us to satire the show. And thanks to ChurchOfBlow for the instrumental! Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Sep 2009
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When a kid puts noodles in the turtle tank, he explains he needed the noodle container for flowers. This begins a series of inquiries -- about moving various items like his dad's ice-tea in the cotton bag -- that ends with a very stunned mom. *******www.kevinnalts**** thanks to ernie & burt for inspiring this Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Jun 2009
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Another cruel but harmless prank on my wife. I snuck a friendly Bermuda frog (or toad) into our cabana at "9 Beaches" tonight. Little "Jennifer the Frog" wanted to be friends with my wife, but it wasn't reciprocated. Unrequited love can be so sad for green reptilians. So tragic! No frogs were injured, and were safely freed. Thanks to Mikhalt (and wifeofnalts for not making me sleep on the deck) *******www.myspace****/mikhalt *******www.kevinnalts**** *******www.twitter****/nalts Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 May 2009
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Do you watch "Dancing With the Stars"? It doesn't count if you're Michael Buckley or work for ABC. I'd never watched the show until tonight, when Steve Wozniak (former Apple co-founder) did the salsa with Karina Smirnoff. He had a leg/hamstring injury, and my wife was watching it while on Facebook. So I took a sneak, and it was like driving past a car accident. I couldn't NOT look. I found myself *seriously conflicted*- I was rooting for the effeminate, talkative, overweight, and geeky but determined and cheery old man. Sure- I was hoping he'd wipe out like any guy... even just a modest spill or fail. But he did the Wozniak Worm and survived the salsa. The judges even gave him a perfect 10. My wife said that's bad, though, because the total possible score is 30. But it's still a ten, right? Shutup- he's married and it's not gay to cheer for him on. Or cruel to hope he falls down on live television after of a leg injury. Dang- I'm entitled to my opinion, right? Well, I had to post this because wifeofnalts promptly returned to Facebook after telling me about her new favorite Comcast commercial (which I just found on YouTube and now I have a really irritating ear worm I hope I shared with you). Sorry- I'm not showing any footage here. I don't need ABC attorneys showing up in my garage before coffee tomorrow. And the end title was from a goofball t-shirt I made. Dare me to wear it in public? Now THAT would be gay. Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Mar 2009
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Guess what? You're invited to YouTube Live on November 22 (8 pm EDT), and you're already right where you need to be. On your butt watching your monitor. Learn more at youtube****/live. Check out Captain Chuck at Clip Critics, and subscribe to what I think is one of the funniest channels on YouTube!!! Nowwwww! His video about YouTube Live (which is this one, but with extras) Channel: thanks to Mean Kitty's owner for his insufferable cameo. Wifeofnalts as Miss Busters.
14 Dec 2008
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Nalts is stretched thin, and is in dire need of a babysitter to test during date night. If the new sitter works, WifeofNalts will go to California with him. But Nalts has forgotten about his task (despite many reminders) and resorts to a desperate measure.. reviving his Clone born in 6 months earlier. (to see prequel to series) ***********/watch?v=_9hphfDfkto *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Nov 2008
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Wifeofnalts put ear rings in Katie's ear. So I decided to take Patrick to get a tattoo. It was a temporary Henna Tattoo (also called Hana) that is painted on, and lasts two weeks. Unless your 8-year-old wipes it off before the prank because it smells like poop. It doesn't hurt. I just thought there'd be more drama if you actually believed I'd get my son a real tattoo. So I asked him to fake it. Did he fool ya?
30 Oct 2008
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Ah, the smell of seaweed and seagull poop. The grating sound of sea rats. Makes your cube feel pretty comfortable right now. My mother in law, I discovered, doesn't care much for seagulls. Neither does WifeofNalts. I wonder if they mind if I post this? Common, guys You know I love you both. And this is just a tiny bit funny, isn't it? A teeny weenie bit funny?
5 Oct 2008
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What happens when a hair salon client notices her stylist butchering the hair of the guy getting a haircut before her? Will she think twice? What will she do if she gets called into a side room and ask to help cover the stylist's mess? *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Sep 2008
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It's been 700 videos, and I was out of ideas. Until WifeofNalts discovered... *******www.readersdigest**** (Thanks for sponsoring this video, Rd****) * Lipstick on Pig Story: *******www.rd****/blogs/shared-space/A-Pitbull-with-Lipstick/post6068.html * Cat Stops Thief *******www.rd****/your-america-inspiring-people-and-stories/more-hero-pets/article18647.html * Save Yourself in Do or Die Situations: *******www.rd****/advice-and-know-how/save-your-own-life/article58778.html * Jokes & Laughs: *******www.rd****/clean-jokes-and-laughs Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Sep 2008
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YouTube Version: ***********/watch?v=MRJaogXzJBU Outer Banks, NC 2008 This video was recorded on August 20, 2008, and at that time I think it was probably the first Kayaking Vlog. However, before I was able to post it, WifeOfNalts & Nalts had to show me up and make one of their own lol. ***********/watch?v=LOlKRdeU7PE We Kayaked somewhere between 3 and 5 miles during our trip, and according to the rental people, coming back from the bridge we were hitting 50mph winds. I'm not sure if they really were that strong, but they were strong and it took us more about 3 hours to do the return trip, while going out to the bridge only took about 45 minutes.
21 Sep 2008
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A snake got into our swimming pool. Watch my wife scream in horror in what was probably a harmless garden snake. Still, it made for some morning drama and he squirmed away safely so maybe we'll have a sequel. The crafty feller swam into the pipes, so we had to turn off the pump and wait an hour. Try using that for an excuse to show up late to work. Wife of Nalts' channel: ***********/wifeofnalts
4 Jun 2008
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Nalts pranks mother-in-law (with some help). First with a fake antique getting smashed by his son. Then with a phony lottery ticket. *******www.willvideoforfood****
28 May 2008
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