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FRijj Milkshakes destroys town of Four Ridges.......
15 Jul 2008
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I wonder what the cat is thinking as its owner is just yelling weird noises while looking directly into his eyes. *******gamehackerz****/war-commander-hack-facebook-cheats-download
29 Apr 2013
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kanks dance show " YELLE" zickap zickap zickappp...
8 Jun 2008
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Promotion: Complete One Offer & Make Cash For Every Person You Refer: *******one.zipnadazilch****/index.php?referral=199384 Video: New Drake 2011 Take Care "Headlines" Aka "They Know" Explicit Full Version Drake - Headlines Lyrics: I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence Started not to give a fuck and stop fearing the consequence Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments Faded way too long, I'm floating in and out of consciousness And they saying I'm back, I'd agree with that I just take my time with all this shit I still believe in that I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that And they want to see me pick back up Well where'd I leave it at? I know I exaggerated things, Now I got it like that Tuck my napkin in my shirt Cause I'm just mobbin like that You know good and well that you don't want a problem like that You gone make someone around me catch a body like that No, don't do it, please don't do it Cause one of us goes in, and we all go through it And Drizzy got the money, so Drizzy gone pay it Those my brothers, I ain't even gotta say it That's just something they know They know, they know, they know They know, they know, they know, They know, they know, they know, Yeah, they know, yeah That the real is on the rise, Fuck them other guys I even gave them a chance to decide Now it's something they know They know, they know, they know, Yeah, I be yelling out money over everything My money on my mind Then she wanna ask when it got so empty Tell her I apologize, happened over time She says they miss the old Drake, Girl don't tempt me If they don't get it they'll be over you That new shit that you got is overdue You better do what you supposed to do I'm like why it gotta be all that? But still I can't deny the fact that it's true Listening to you expressing all them feelings Soap opera rappers, all these niggas sound like All My Children And that's who you thinking is bout to come and make a killing I guess it really is just me myself and all my millions You know that they aint even got it like that You gone hype me up and make me catch a body like that Cause I live for this, it isn't just a hobby like that When they get my shit and play it I ain't even gotta say it They know They know, they know, they know, They know, they know, they know, They know, they know, they know, Yeah, they know, yeah, That the real is on the rise Fuck them other guys I even gave em a chance to decide Now it's something they know They know, they know, they know I be yelling out money over everything Money on my mind Mind, mind, mind Tell em I apologize, it happened over time Time, time, time They know Category: Music Tags: drake New (song) headlines explicit version original Album take care they know they know they know they know Lyrics drake headlines headlines drake
11 Nov 2011
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A goat that yells like a man!
5 Sep 2008
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When a phone wrings a girl gets a verbal beating she never expected.
7 Jul 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - Are you a Linux fan? I know my System Administrator Allan would yell to forget Linux, and use FreeBSD. This isn't a FreeBSD conversation, though, it's an Ubuntu one. But it's just funny that Allan came to mind here, since today at work in Canada, he was recognized by someone for being part of my live show.
27 Feb 2008
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Young Gummy "Pop Rocks" Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks, girl Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks I got that Good Bar She's Butterfinger bad I'm attracted to her For her Sour Patch And now we crazy nuts Talkin' Nutragious I take her Nestle And she still Crunch And I love to see her rest But I hate to see her late So I keep her running back and forth Like Fast Break Cold as a Junior Mint Soft as Raisinettes We lovin' that Whatchamacallit You see the bubble growin' I don't need a Pay Day I take Stride Gum Over a Milkey Way And I got case, with all kinds of tastes Got Big League Chew, N-N Bubble Tape From Double Bubble To Hubba Bubba I don't eat chocolate, no Nutter Butter But I bet you wonder, How big I go Cause I got the best, Bazzoka Joe oOo baby we can share a Charleston chew baby, Maybe have a kit cat too baby, My room is the sweet spot, Call me Mr. Wonka. Ima Eat some pop rocks. Ok I get it let me think you want my candy, Dont understand whats in your hand you cant have any, You say Im mad, well you straight as a fiddle, And you should know that I said no, so why you eating my skittles, Ha ha ha, You think its funny like, Eat chocolate bunnies like, Yous just a big jerk, So wheres my Mike and Ikes, You Say Jared calm down you the bestest, While you moving to the top of my death list. I love her Reese's Cups Hotter than Tamales Richer than dark chocolate Go and tell somebody I'm in the candy aisle Stocking up on Good and Plenty Girl I gotta wattch my Pez Make sure they're never empty They flash the Swedish Fish' Just to get beside her I let her see the king size and let the rest surprise her She got that sweet tooth Pockets deeep just to supply her But she touch my stash? I might have to fight her I like that candy stand, Full of 100 Grand, I know the candy man, And all his candy fans, But when he caged in, I think my Conscience says, I need to watch this man, Gonna end up just like him, Cause when I am tasting, Never wasting, My pacing, To a tasteful, Sensation. With a simple creation. Just add a little sugar dont ya Leave it til its ova wont ya Share it if you got et I store chocolate in my pocket You can have some, If you wanna, But I Warn you, You aint gonna, Because its melted, And its all sick, Why Id do this, It makes no sense, I dont like it, When its like this, Just take it, Sure try it. Yell it from a stand Through a megaphone I'm in love with this Chocolate Toblerone The nougat MMMM And the Chocolate Well, that's what it is I can't see how you'd ever fault it Yeah Put it in your mouth MMMM I love that taste L-Let it melt baby Savor every trace and I don't eat it fast I make it last a while After one bite, it'll make you smile oOo baby I think I just lost a tooth maybe, From all of the baby ruths baby, The dentist is my next stop, Call me mr. wonka, Ate too many pop rocks.
12 Apr 2010
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EPICLY LATER'D VOLUME 1 DVD OUT DECEMBER 9TH! I first met Daewon the day I was filming the Alex Olson episode. I saw him and Daniel Castillo from across the Girl skatepark and was kinda fanning out in my head a little bit. Then Alex yells over, "Do an episode on Daewon!" and they all start laughing. I was sure they were making fun of me. But then Daewon flips the script and starts making fun of Alex like, "How are you gonna have an Epicly Later'd? So far it's been all established guys like Hosoi, Gonz, Dustin... dudes that have all paid their dues, and now you?" I couldn't believe that Daewon even watched the show. It was mind blowing.
22 Nov 2008
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What would happen if people stopped twittering and started yelling their status updates aloud? Watch this College Humor video as Dan takes it to the streets. Check out the Wisp shout out... literally
27 Jun 2009
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Steve Nash's charity soccer match at Sara D. Roosevelt Park in Chinatown, New York 06/25/08. Sorry for the lack of goal footage! Didn't have the camera on the whole time. Featuring: Steve Nash Thierry Henry Jason Kidd Baron Davis Leandro Barbosa Juan Pablo Angel Claudio Reyna Jozy Altidore Robbie Fowler Steve McManaman Raja Bell etc. & just wanted to clarify that i'm NOT that deep-voiced dude that keeps say "Papa" during the player intros...he was standing right behind me. i was the idiot that yelled "God" twice when Fowler walked by.
1 Nov 2008
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This is a clip from my coverage of the 2007 Gloucester Fishbox Derby and shown on Cape Ann TV. Throughout the afternoon the tool that was announcing the runs kept yelling at people and made the whole thing kinda miserable to tape. In this clip you can see how his attitude contributed to the crash you are about to witness. Notice the distraction he caused the kid in lane 2 prior to the beginning of the run.
3 Oct 2007
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Leave it to that new koaching klown Lane Kiffin to come up with a recruiting gimic that borders on homoerotic manworship. What is even more disturbing, is that his staff intentionally seperated the recruits from their parents in order to pull this stunt off....was the coaching staff worried about how the parents might react to this tactic? Forming a makeshift mosh-pit and shouting, "UT WILDBOYS, UT WILDBOYS, UT WILDBOYS!" Would you really want YOUR kid showering after practice with these guys??? Kiffins Tennessee staff ripping off shirts for recruiting Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin and his staff made an unforgettable impression on some of the Southeasts top college prospects on Saturday. More than 100 high school players, including several of Georgias elite prospects, attended Tennessees Junior Day. Things started off rather routine. It was just like your normal Junior Day, with coaches and other people from the college talking, Brookstone tight end Brian Vogler said. You could see heads bobbing, with eyes falling a little bit. But the second they split us up from the parents, it got so much more intense. The prospects were led to the film room, where Kiffin thanked the recruits for making the trip and considering the Volunteers. Then this other coach [assistant] got up there and said that Tennessee takes special teams very seriously, that its a big key to winning, recalled Northview defensive lineman Denzel McCoy, who has 31 early scholarship offers. That coach said they get real fired up on special teams and yelled for everybody to Get up, get on your feet, and get fired up about special teams. Then this other coach ripped off his shirt Superman style. It was crazy. Many in the crowd werent sure how to react. The coaches told us to stand up, but nobody really knew what to do. We started clapping, sort of like one of those Ah, this feels awkward kind of things, Vogler said. The coaches yelled OK, were going to give you another shot. Weve leaving the room. When we come back in here, we want it really to get crazy. Douglass defensive lineman Garrison Smith said the lights in the room dimmed. This one coach stayed behind and walked to the side of the room. Then he kept slamming the [side] doors, as if the other assistant coaches were trying to break it down. It was like an angry dog or some wild animals were on the other side. After a few moments, Smith said the doors swung open and the Tennessee assistants ran into the room. By now, three or four coaches had their shirts ripped off. Smith said around 10 Tennessee players, including All-America defensive back Eric Berry of Atlanta and quarterback Jonathan Crompton, ran down from behind the recruits to meet the coaches on the floor. Eric and the rest of the players were chanting U-T, wild boys U-T, wild boys U-T wild boys. This time, prospects left their seats and joined the celebration. We were all jumping up and down together, it was cool, McCoy said. After things appeared to calm down, Tennessee recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron gave a rousing pep talk, which caused the whole scene to repeat itself, only more intense. The last time, everybody was hyped up and feeling it, Loganville tailback Storm Johnson said. People were jumping all over the place. It was rocking. You shouldve seen it. Even the podium got knocked over. All four of the players said they never saw Lane Kiffin lose his shirt. He was on the side, just watching and smiling, Vogler said. from: the AJC *******blogs.ajc****/georgia-football...
8 Apr 2009
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A guy swimming is struck with a cramp. He yells for help before drowning, but the other guy present does not jump in right away. He is too distracted. Funny ending!
23 Jul 2007
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we sent our younger brother through a secret entrance onto a stage, and he yells a Tom Green famous line from Freddy Got Fingered as he runs across, before exiting out the back. There were 500 people in the place
9 Mar 2007
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Triston Carr playing with his dog outside and toward the end he decides to put the puppy on the roof of the car, and well you can guess what happened... the dog fell of the car. She didn't get hurt at all, she fell on grass. His dad is taping and I am sitting in the car and also the one yelling!!!! Enjoy! For more information call Theresa Carr 281.202.9797 or email me at tristonthecoolestoneyahoo**** triston carr triston the coolest one dancing singing kids singing kids dancing kids videos funny kids videos videos of kids dancing funniest kid ever funniest kids ever funniest kid videos cute cute kids adorable adorable kids funny kids hilarious hilarious kids hilarious kid videos hilarious videos dj mode 5 kids kids who can sing kids who can dance kids who can dance and sing talent talented kids tickle tickling dog dogs puppy puppies playing outside tickling puppy kids playing with dogs kids and dogs kids and puppies sports activities running kids talking camera video taping recording
28 Mar 2010
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