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      Sexy Intern Babe 08:36

      Sexy Intern Babe

      by Iron Sink (1/6/09) 20,243 views

      We had some bad luck with our last assistant (she wanted to get paid) so we got a sexy college coed to be our new intern. Dude of the Week: Jason Statham from Death Race

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      Babe Out of the Shower 08:52

      Babe Out of the Shower

      by Iron Sink (8/23/08) 32,383 views

      We didn't have a babe of the week, so we had Taryn grab one of her roommates from upstairs who was naked and getting in the shower. Dude of the Week: John Edwards

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      Earthquake & Babe Shake 07:36

      Earthquake & Babe Shake

      by Iron Sink (1/6/09) 5,716 views

      It's the Dude Zone for Friday, August 1st 2008 and the Downstairs Guys welcome back Ashley as the babe of the week. Ashley is sexy temp who wants to be a personal assistant or secretary We barely survived the huge earthquake that shook Chino this week - we hate earthquakes Dude of the Week: Tommy Lee for getting back together with Pamela Anderson and giving us an awesome sex tape Poll of the week - Do you want to see Stupid Jim?

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      Flexible Babe 3D - 07/11/08 05:26

      Flexible Babe 3D - 07/11/08

      by Iron Sink (7/15/08) 18,477 views

      Journey to the center of a new dude zone ( not in 3D ) Break out your brand new 3g iphone because we've got a flexible babe in the dude zone - every week the downstairs guys will have a very sexy babe of the week - and this week we have a model / yoga instructor who is going to put her legs in all sorts of different positions We'll also go over the Dudes of the week - this week we'll focus on Brendan Frasier - star of the new movie Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D We wonder whether the film will just be a journey to the center of the earth or will Brendan Frasier actually get to see what is inside the center of the earth - in 3d or not. Join the Downstairs Guys for their daily episodes on

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      New Taryn is a Babe 06:05

      New Taryn is a Babe

      by Iron Sink (7/26/08) 14,835 views

      Today on the Dude Zone with the Downstairs Guys we finally give our friend Taryn the chance to be the babe of the week. Since we don't know if Taryn can be hot or sexy enough for our viewers we hired a really hot chick to be the new Taryn. Dude of the Week: Christian Bale set a box office record this weekend, even though Doug thinks he should be the dud of the week for getting arrested in London. Tell us if you like New Taryn or Old Taryn and if you think that New Taryn should be the babe of the week next time.

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