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      NextMovie Daily: 8/9/11 01:06

      NextMovie Daily: 8/9/11

      by NextMovie (8/9/11) 722 views

      With "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" wrapping up, we nominate "The Hunger Games" as the Next Big Thing, and we've got the news and pics to support our claim.

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      NextMovie Daily: 8/10/11

      NextMovie Daily: 8/10/11

      by NextMovie (8/10/11) 2,426 views

      The quick hits just keep on coming! Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe are taking on "Broken City," Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey will be rolling in "Mud" and Chris Evans has one -- yes, one -- line of dialogue ahead of him.

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      NextMovie Daily: 8/4/11 01:04

      NextMovie Daily: 8/4/11

      by NextMovie (8/4/11) 1,167 views

      In this week's Posternalysis, we look at the needy love letter that is the "Like Crazy" poster... and the suspicious pose of a girl who might need a bathroom on "The Hunter" poster.

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      NextMovie Daily: 7/19/11 01:11

      NextMovie Daily: 7/19/11

      by NextMovie (7/19/11) 10,402 views

      "Captain America" director Joe Johnston is trying to talk George Lucas into letting him do a movie on "Star Wars" character Boba Fett. Also -- spoiler alert! -- Team NextMovie will be at San Diego Comic-Con.

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      NextMovie Daily: 8/3/11

      NextMovie Daily: 8/3/11

      by NextMovie (8/3/11) 1,878 views

      Adam Sandler has plans to remake '80s classic "Three Men and a Baby"... only this time, he wants those three men to be in a gay, polyamorous relationship. Um. Okay?

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      NextMovie Daily: 8/2/11

      NextMovie Daily: 8/2/11

      by NextMovie (8/2/11) 1,978 views

      Now that "Thor" and "Captain America" have lit up the box office, Marvel is moving on to some of its... lesser known characters.

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