Behavioral Targeting

Third Party Ad Advertising

Behavioral Targeting

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Metacafe or its advertisers may use third party ad networks and ad serving companies to help sell and present advertisements online in connection with the Website. These third party ad companies may use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to help present such advertisements, to help measure and research the advertisements' effectiveness, compile anonymous statistics about Metacafe users, to serve you advertisements tailored to interests you have shown by browsing on this and other sites you have visited, to determine whether you have seen a particular advertisement before and to avoid sending you duplicate advertisements. In doing so, these vendors may collect non-personal data such as your browser type, your operating system, Web pages visited, time of visits, content viewed, ads viewed, and other clickstream data. The use of these technologies by these third party ad companies is subject to their own privacy policies, not Metacafe's and Metacafe disclaims all liability in connection therewith. These third party ad companies may also monitor Metacafe for the purpose of reporting website traffic, statistics, advertisements, "click-throughs" and/or other activities. Metacafe works with the following ad networks, whose privacy policies are available on their respective sites: Google, Collective, Mog,, Openx, 24/7 Real Media, Beanstock and Rubicon. You may opt out of having the advertising that you see on our site targeted specifically to you by clicking on the Privacy Manager or going to the respective sites privacy policy and following the directions. You can disable cookies, including those used by ad networks, by following the instructions in your web browser. Metacafe does not provide advertisers access to any personally identifiable information that you have provided to Metacafe (keeping in mind that anything you have elected to share publicly on the site is available to everyone to see).

Last updated: July 21st, 2011.