7,500 people are sleeping rough on London's streets every year. Music by Cavan Brady www.thesocialartist****** www.facebook****/willthompsonart
25 Feb 2016
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Animals are amazing!
24 Aug 2016
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Clint Eastwood is a retired jet pilot living a peacefull life until the day the American government needs him for a special mission : He must go to Russia and steall the latest jet fighter, the Mig 31 Firefox.
22 Aug 2011
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Watch this guy pick up a giant log of a tree and be successful with his attempt. Little do we know that the log is hollow from inside which makes it lighter
5 Jun 2017
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The biggest douchebags in Hollywood, aka the biggest douche in the universebiggest douche in the universe presented by Ranker. These are the people we love to hate and wish we could remove from our happy, cozy world. These people are famous, but often not for being talented, like top Hollywood actors or Grammy-winning musicians, but rather for being entitled, arrogant, self-obsessed, and rude. For many of these people, any press is considered good press which only feeds into their attention-seeking, annoying ways. An awful trend among many of these biggest Hollywood douchebags is that many are only famous for being famous. Or for a sex tape. Others are simply awful people. Rapper Kanye West is no stranger to awkward unscripted moments on live television. Chris Brown will always be marred by his domestic violence against former girlfriend Rihanna. Donald Trump might be rich and successful, but no one will forget his birther nonsense against President Obama.
11 Mar 2016
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Make a high-pitched alarm that protects your stuff for around 2 bucks!
10 Aug 2016
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Barbie Girl
12 Nov 2007
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