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30 Days of Night

Starring: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster Directed By: David Slade Directed by: David Slade Written by: Stuart Beattie, Steve Niles, Brian Nelson Release date: 2007-10-16 Cast: Josh Hartnett (as Eben Oleson), Melissa George (as Stella Oleson), Danny Huston (as Marlow), Ben Foster (as The Stranger), Mark Boone Junior (as Beau Brower), Mark Rendall (as Jake Oleson), Amber Sainsbury (as Denise), Manu Bennett (as Billy Kitka), Megan Franich (as Iris), Joel Tobeck (as Doug Hertz) Genre: Thriller, Horror, Creature Film Distributor: Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Producer: Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert Cinematography: Jo Willems Editor: Art Jones Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000 Studio: Columbia Pictures, Dark Horse Entertainment
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