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9 (2009 film)

Directed by: Shane Acker Written by: Pamela Pettler Release date: 2009-08-19 Cast: Christopher Plummer (as 1), Martin Landau (as 2), John C. Reilly (as 5), Crispin Glover (as 6), Jennifer Connelly (as 7), Fred Tatasciore (as 8), Elijah Wood (as 9), Alan Oppenheimer (as The Scientist), Tom Kane (as Dictator), Helen Wilson (as Radio Announcer) Genre: Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Science Fiction, Animation, Computer Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Thriller Distributor: Focus Features, Universal Studios, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Producer: Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, Dana Ginsburg, Jim Lemley Editor: Nick Kenway Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000 Studio: Relativity Media, Starz Animation
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