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A Good Year

Directed by: Ridley Scott Written by: Marc Klein Release date: 2006-09-09 Cast: Russell Crowe (as Max Skinner), Marion Cotillard (as Fanny Chenal), Abbie Cornish (as Christie Roberts), Kenneth Cranham (as Sir Nigel), Richard Coyle (as Amis), Daniel Mays (as Bert the Doorman), Tom Hollander (as Charlie Willis), Albert Finney (as Uncle Henry), Freddie Highmore (as Max Skinner), Didier Bourdon (as Francis Duflot) Genre: Romantic comedy, Romantic drama, Film adaptation, Romance Film, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Slice of life story, Comedy of manners, Drama Distributor: 20th Century Fox Producer: Ridley Scott Cinematography: Philippe Le Sourd Editor: Dody Dorn, Robb Sullivan Estimated Budget: US$ - 35,000,000
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