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After the Sunset

Directed by: Brett Ratner Written by: Paul Zbyszewski Release date: 2004-11-12 Cast: Pierce Brosnan (as Max Burdett), Salma Hayek (as Lola Cirillo), Woody Harrelson (as Stan Lloyd), Don Cheadle (as Henri Mooré), Naomie Harris (as Sophie), Kate Walsh (as Sheila), Obba Babatunde, John Michael Higgins (as Hotel Manager) Genre: Comedy, Crime Fiction, Action/Adventure, Action, Crime Thriller, Heist, Crime, Caper story, Crime Comedy Distributor: New Line Cinema Producer: Beau Flynn, Jay Stern, Tripp Vinson Editor: Mark Helfrich Estimated Budget: US$ - 58,000,000 Studio: New Line Cinema
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