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Attack the Block

Directed by: Joe Cornish Written by: Joe Cornish Release date: 2011-03 Cast: John Boyega (as Moses), Jodie Whittaker (as Sam), Alex Esmail (as Pest), Franz Drameh (as Dennis), Leeon Jones (as Jerome), Simon Howard (as Biggz), Luke Treadaway (as Brewis), Danielle Vitalis (as Tia), Paige Meade (as Dimples), Michael Ajao (as Mayhem) Genre: Comedy, Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Distributor: Optimum Releasing, Screen Gems Producer: Nira Park, James Wilson Cinematography: Thomas Townend Editor: Jonathan Amos Estimated Budget: UK £ - 8,000,000 Studio: UK Film Council, Stage 6 Films
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