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Directed by: David Hand, Walt Disney, Graham Heid, Norman Wright, James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield Written by: Larry Morey, Perce Pearce, Gustaf Tenggren Release date: 1942-08-08 Cast: Bobby Stewart (as Bambi), Donnie Dunagan (as Bambi), Hardie Albright (as Bambi), John Sutherland (as Bambi), Paula Winslowe (as Bambi's Mother), Peter Behn (as Thumper), Tim Davis (as Thumper), Sam Edwards (as Thumper), Will Wright (as Friend Owl), Cammie King (as Faline) Genre: Fantasy, Coming of age, Animation, Family, Adventure, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy, Children's/Family, Drama Distributor: RKO Pictures Producer: Walt Disney Studio: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Animation Studios
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