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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Directed by: Paul Mazursky Written by: Paul Mazursky, Larry Tucker Release date: 1969-09-17 Cast: Natalie Wood (as Carol Sanders), Elliott Gould (as Ted Henderson), Robert Culp (as Bob Sanders), Dyan Cannon (as Alice Henderson), Horst Ebersberg (as Horst), Lee Bergere (as Emilio), Michael Z. Gordon, Donald F. Muhich, Noble Lee Holderread Jr. Genre: Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance Film, Romantic comedy, Parody, Drama, Satire, Sex comedy, Comedy of manners Distributor: Columbia Pictures Producer: Larry Tucker Cinematography: Charles Lang Editor: Stuart H. Pappé Estimated Budget: US$ - 2,000,000 Studio: Columbia Pictures Awards: National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay
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