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Carl Sagan

TV Performances: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Film Performances:God, the Universe and Everything Else Awards Won:1974 - John W. Campbell Memorial Award: Special Non-Fiction Award - Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective1980 - Peabody Award - KCET/Adrian Malone - Cosmos: A Personal Voyage1981 - Hugo Award for Best Non-Fiction Book - Cosmos1978 - Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction - The Dragons of EdenOersted MedalNASA Distinguished Service Medal1986 - Locus Award for Best First Novel - Contact1974 - Klumpke-Roberts AwardNASA Distinguished Public Service MedalPublic Welfare Medal Deceased: Died in Seattle on Dec 20, 1996 Personal Information: Carl Edward Sagan Born on Nov 9, 1934 in Brooklyn Professions: Astronomer, Planetary scientist, Astrobiologist, Scientist, Science writer, Physicist, Novelist, Writer, Author, Professor Nationality: United States of America Quotes: "A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths." "A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism." "We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."
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