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Directed by: Henry Selick Written by: Henry Selick Release date: 2009-02-05 Cast: Dakota Fanning (as Coraline Jones), Teri Hatcher (as Mel Jones), Teri Hatcher (as Beldam), Teri Hatcher (as Other Mother), Jennifer Saunders (as Miss Spink), Dawn French (as Miss Forcible), Keith David (as Cat), John Hodgman (as Charlie Jones), Robert Bailey,Jr. (as Wybie Lovat), Ian McShane (as Mr. Bobinsky) Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Adventure, Family, Stop motion, Thriller, Children's Fantasy Distributor: Focus Features, Universal Studios, Universal Studios Home Entertainment Producer: Henry Selick, Claire Jennings, Mary Sandell, Bill Mechanic Cinematography: Pete Kozachik Editor: Christopher Murrie, Ronald Sanders Estimated Budget: US$ - 60,000,000 Awards: AFI Movies of the Year
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