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Dirty Harry

Directed by: Don Siegel Written by: Harry Julian Fink, R.M. Fink, John Milius, Dean Riesner Release date: 1971-12-22 Part of Series: Dirty Harry Cast: Clint Eastwood (as Harry Callahan), Harry Guardino (as Police Lt. Al Bressler), Reni Santoni (as Police Inspector Chico Gonzalez), John Vernon (as The Mayor), Andrew Robinson (as Charles 'Scorpio Killer' Davis), John Larch (as The Chief), Mae Mercer (as Mrs. Russell), Woodrow Parfrey (as Mr. Jaffe), Ruth Kobart (as Bus Driver), John Mitchum (as Police Inspector Frank DiGiorgio) Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Crime, Action Thrillers Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Producer: Don Siegel Cinematography: Bruce Surtees Editor: Carl Pingitore Estimated Budget: US$ - 4,000,000 Studio: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Malpaso Productions
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