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Do the Right Thing

Directed by: Spike Lee Written by: Spike Lee Release date: 1989-05 Cast: Spike Lee (as Mookie), Danny Aiello (as Sal), Ossie Davis (as Da Mayor), John Turturro (as Pino), Ruby Dee (as Mother Sister), Rosie Perez (as Tina), Bill Nunn (as Radio Raheem), Giancarlo Esposito (as Buggin Out), Richard Edson (as Vito), John Savage (as Clifton) Genre: Indie, Comedy, Drama, Ensemble Film Distributor: Universal Studios, The Criterion Collection Producer: Spike Lee Cinematography: Ernest R. Dickerson Editor: Barry Alexander Brown Estimated Budget: US$ - 6,500,000 Studio: 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks Awards: Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best FilmLos Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best DirectorMTV Movie Silver Bucket of Excellence Award
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