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Don Winslow of the Navy

Directed by: Ray Taylor Written by: Griffin Jay, Paul Huston, Morgan Cox Release date: 1942 Cast: Ben Taggart (as John Blake), Dirk Thane (as [[:Tag:Lt. Cmdr. Grady [Chs. 1|Lt. Cmdr. Grady [Chs. 1]],[[:Tag:12]|12]]]), Anne Nagel (as Misty Gaye), John Holland (as Paul Barsac,chief thug), John Litel (as Spencer Merlin), Don Terry (as Cmdr. Don Winslow), Walter Sande (as Lt. 'Red' Pennington), Samuel S. Hinds (as Admiral Colby,[[:Tag:The CINC-US [Ch. 1]|The CINC-US [Ch. 1]]]), Kurt Katch (as The Scorpion), Claire Dodd (as Mercedes Colby) Genre: Spy, Adventure, Action, Black-and-white Distributor: Universal Studios Cinematography: William A. Sickner
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