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Enter the Dragon

Directed by: Robert Clouse Written by: Michael Allin Release date: 1973-07-26 Cast: Bruce Lee (as Lee), John Saxon (as Roper), Angela Mao (as Su Lin), Bolo Yeung (as Bolo), Shih Kien (as Han), Jim Kelly (as Williams), Ahna Capri (as Tania), Yuen Biao (as Tournament Fighter), Sammo Hung (as Shaolin Fighter), Marlene Clark (as Secretary) Genre: Martial arts, Thriller, Spy, Action, Action/Adventure, Drama, Crime Fiction, Chinese Movies Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Producer: Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller, Raymond Chow Cinematography: Gil Hubbs Editor: Kurt Hirschler, Yao Chung Chang, George Watters
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