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Fantasia (film)

Directed by: Samuel Armstrong, Bill Roberts, Ford Beebe, Ben Sharpsteen, T. Hee, Norman Ferguson, James Algar, Hamilton Luske, Jim Handley, Paul Satterfield Release date: 1940-11-13 Cast: Leopold Stokowski (as Conductor of The Philadelphia Orchestra), Deems Taylor, Corey Burton, Walt Disney (as Mickey Mouse), Julietta Novis (as Soloist in 'Ave Maria'), Jim MacDonald (as Percussionist), Paul Smith (as Violinist) Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Roadshow theatrical release, Musical, Family, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy, Children's/Family, Drama Distributor: RKO Pictures Producer: Walt Disney, Ben Sharpsteen Cinematography: James Wong Howe Editor: John Carnochan Estimated Budget: US$ - 2,280,000 Studio: The Walt Disney Company
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