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Get on the Bus

Directed by: Spike Lee Written by: Reggie Rock Bythewood Release date: 1996-10-16 Cast: Richard Belzer (as Rick), De'Aundre Bonds (as Junior,aka 'Smooth'), Andre Braugher (as Flip), Thomas Jefferson Byrd (as Evan Thomas Sr.), Gabriel Casseus (as Jamal), Albert Hall (as Craig), Hill Harper (as Xavier), Harry J. Lennix (as Randall), Bernie Mac (as Jay), Wendell Pierce (as Wendell) Genre: Indie, Drama, Political drama Distributor: Columbia Pictures Producer: Bill Borden, Reuben Cannon, Barry Rosenbush Cinematography: Elliot Davis Editor: Leander T. Sales Estimated Budget: US$ - 2,400,000
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