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Ghosts of Mars

Directed by: John Carpenter Written by: John Carpenter, Larry Sulkis Release date: 2001-08-24 Cast: Natasha Henstridge (as Lieutenant Melanie Ballard), Ice Cube (as Desolation Williams), Jason Statham (as Sgt Jericho Butler), Clea DuVall (as Bashira Kincaid), Pam Grier (as Commander Helena Braddock), Joanna Cassidy (as Whitlock), Richard Cetrone (as Big Daddy Mars), Liam Waite (as Michael Descanso), Duane Davis (as Uno), Lobo Sebastian (as Dos) Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Action, Thriller, Space western Distributor: Screen Gems Producer: Sandy King Cinematography: Gary B. Kibbe Editor: Paul C. Warschilka Estimated Budget: US$ - 28,000,000
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