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Grease (film)

Directed by: Randal Kleiser Written by: Bronte Woodard Release date: 1978-06-16 Part of Series: Grease film series Cast: John Travolta (as Danny Zuko), Olivia Newton-John (as Sandy Olsson), Stockard Channing (as Betty Rizzo), Jeff Conaway (as Kenickie Murdoch), Michael Tucci (as Sonny), Didi Conn (as Frenchy), Eve Arden (as Principal McGee), Annette Charles (as Cha-Cha DiGregorio), Frankie Avalon (as The Teen Angel), Dinah Manoff (as Marty Maraschino) Genre: Musical, Comedy, LGBT, Romance Film, Teen, Romantic comedy Distributor: Paramount Pictures Producer: Allan Carr, Robert Stigwood Cinematography: Bill Butler Editor: John F. Burnett Estimated Budget: US$ - 6,000,000 Studio: Paramount Pictures Awards: People's Choice Award for Favorite MoviePeople's Choice Award for Favorite Movie
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