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Halloween (2007 film)

Directed by: Rob Zombie Written by: Rob Zombie Release date: 2007-08-31 Part of Series: Halloween Cast: Malcolm McDowell (as Dr. Samuel Loomis), Scout Taylor-Compton (as Laurie Strode), Daryl Karolat (as Michael Myers), Daeg Faerch (as Young Michael Myers), Sheri Moon (as Deborah Myers), William Forsythe (as Ronnie White), Danielle Harris (as Annie Brackett), Kristina Klebe (as Lynda van der Klok), Skyler Gisondo (as Tommy Doyle), Danny Trejo (as Ismael Cruz) Genre: Slasher, Horror, Cult Distributor: Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Dimension Films Producer: Rob Zombie, Malek Akkad, Andy Gould Cinematography: Phil Parmet Editor: Glenn Garland Estimated Budget: US$ - 15,000,000 - 2007 Studio: Dimension Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Weinstein Company, Alliance Atlantis
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