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I'm Not There

Directed by: Todd Haynes Written by: Todd Haynes, Oren Moverman Release date: 2007-09-03 Cast: Cate Blanchett (as Jude Quinn), Ben Whishaw (as Arthur), Christian Bale (as Pastor John), Christian Bale (as Jack), Richard Gere (as Billy), Marcus Carl Franklin (as Woody), Heath Ledger (as Robbie), Kris Kristofferson (as Narrator), Julianne Moore (as Alice Fabian), Peter Friedman (as Morris Bernstein) Genre: Biographical film, Musical, Indie, Drama, Political drama, Musical Drama, Biopic [feature] Distributor: Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company, Palace Pictures Producer: Christine Vachon, John Goldwyn, John Sloss, James D. Stern Cinematography: Edward Lachman Editor: Jay Rabinowitz Estimated Budget: US$ - 20,000,000 Studio: Endgame Entertainment, John Goldwyn Productions Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress - FilmIndependent Spirit Award for Best Supporting FemaleIndependent Spirit Robert Altman AwardNational Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress
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