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In the Cut

Directed by: Jane Campion Written by: Jane Campion, Susanna Moore, Stavros Kazantzidis Release date: 2003-10-31 Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Pauline), Meg Ryan (as Frannie), Sharrieff Pugh (as Cornelius Webb), Nick Damici (as Detective Rodriguez), Heather Litteer (as Angela Sands), Mark Ruffalo (as Detective Malloy), Patrice Oneal (as Hector), James Firo (as Detective Halloran), Kevin Bacon (as John Graham), Michael Ienna (as Larry) Genre: Thriller, Erotic thriller, Mystery, Psychological thriller, Romance Film, Film adaptation, Crime Thriller, Suspense Distributor: Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems Producer: Nicole Kidman, Laurie Parker Cinematography: Dion Beebe Editor: Alexandre de Franceschi Estimated Budget: US$ - 12,000,000
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