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Ira and Abby

Directed by: Robert Cary Written by: Jennifer Westfeldt Release date: 2007-09-14 Cast: Chris Messina (as Ira Black), David Margulies (as Dr. Arnold Friedman), Kali Rocha (as Tracy), Jennifer Westfeldt (as Abby Willoughby), Brad Bellamy (as Henry), Kevin Sussman (as Lenny), Marylouise Burke (as Janice), Judith Light (as Arlene Black), Robert Klein (as Seymour Black), Fred Willard (as Michael Willoughby) Genre: Romantic comedy, Comedy, Indie, Romance Film Distributor: Magnolia Pictures Producer: Brad Zions Cinematography: Harlan Bosmajian Editor: Phillip J. Bartell
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