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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Directed by: Kevin Smith Written by: Kevin Smith Release date: 2001-08-22 Cast: Jason Mewes (as Jay), Kevin Smith (as Silent Bob), Diedrich Bader, Chris Rock (as Chaka Luther King), Ben Affleck (as Holden McNeil), Eliza Dushku (as Sissy), Shannon Elizabeth (as Justice), Will Ferrell (as Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly), Harley Quinn Smith (as Baby Silent Bob), Renée Humphrey Genre: Comedy, Buddy film, Road movie, Stoner film Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Dimension Films Producer: Scott Mosier Cinematography: Jamie Anderson Editor: Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier Estimated Budget: US$ - 22,000,000 Studio: Dimension Films, View Askew Productions
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