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Just Go With It

Directed by: Dennis Dugan Written by: Timothy Dowling, Allan Loeb Release date: 2011-02-09 Cast: Adam Sandler (as Dr. Daniel "Danny" Maccabee), Jennifer Aniston (as Katherine Palmer), Nicole Kidman (as Devlin Adams), Nick Swardson (as Eddie), Brooklyn Decker (as Palmer), Bailee Madison (as Maggie), Griffin Gluck (as Michael), Dave Matthews (as Ian Maxtone-Jones), Kevin Nealon (as Adon), Rachel Dratch (as Kirsten Brant) Genre: Comedy, Romance Film, Romantic comedy Distributor: Columbia Pictures Producer: Heather Parry, Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler Cinematography: Theo Van de Sande Editor: Tom Costain Estimated Budget: US$ - 80,000,000 Studio: Happy Madison
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