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Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Directed by: Robert Bierman Written by: Alan Plater Release date: 1997-09-08 Cast: Richard E. Grant (as Gordon Comstock), Helena Bonham Carter (as Rosemary), Julian Wadham (as Ravelston), Jim Carter (as Erskine), Harriet Walter (as Julia Comstock), Lesley Vickerage (as Hermione), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (as Mrs. Wisbeach), Liz Smith (as Mrs. Meakin), John Clegg (as McKechnie), Bill Wallis (as Mr. Cheeseman) Genre: Comedy, Romance Film, Drama, Satire, Romantic comedy Distributor: BBC Films, Lions Gate Entertainment Producer: Peter Shaw Cinematography: Giles Nuttgens Editor: Bill Wright
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