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Legend (film)

Directed by: Ridley Scott Written by: William Hjortsberg Release date: 1985-08-28 Cast: Tom Cruise (as Jack O' The Green), Mia Sara (as Lili), Tim Curry (as Darkness), David Bennent (as Gump), Billy Barty (as Screwball), Alice Playten (as Blix), Robert Picardo (as Meg Mucklebones), Tina Martin (as Nell), Cork Hubbert (as Brown Tom), Annabelle Lanyon (as Oona) Genre: Romance Film, Adventure, Fantasy, Costume drama, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Sword and sorcery films, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Drama Distributor: Universal Studios - United States of America, 20th Century Fox - United Kingdom Producer: Arnon Milchan Cinematography: Alex Thomson Editor: Terry Rawlings Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios, Regency Enterprises
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