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Mad Max

Directed by: George Miller Written by: George Miller, James McCausland Release date: 1979-04-12 Part of Series: Mad Max Cast: Mel Gibson (as Max Rockatansky), Joanne Samuel (as Jessie Rockatansky), Hugh Keays-Byrne (as Toecutter), Steve Bisley (as Jim Goose), Tim Burns (as Johnny the boy), Roger Ward (as Fifi Macaffee), Lisa Aldenhoven (as Nurse), David Bracks (as Mudguts), Bertrand Cadart (as Clunk), Stephen Clark (as Sarse) Genre: Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Action, Doomsday film, Tragedy, Cult, Science Fiction, World cinema, Adventure, Thriller, Biker Film Distributor: American International Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment Producer: Byron Kennedy Cinematography: David Eggby Editor: Tony Paterson, Cliff Hayes Estimated Budget: US$ - 350,000 Awards: Australian Film Institute Award for Best Original Music ScoreAustralian Film Institute Award for Best Achievement in SoundAustralian Film Institute Award for Best Achievement in EditingAustralian Film Institute Jury Prize
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