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Mission to Mars

Directed by: Brian De Palma Written by: Jim Thomas, John Thomas, Graham Yost Release date: 2000 Cast: Gary Sinise (as Jim McConnell), Tim Robbins (as Woody Blake), Don Cheadle (as Luke Graham), Connie Nielsen (as Terri Fisher), Jerry O'Connell (as Phil Ohlmyer), Peter Outerbridge (as Sergei Kirov), Kavan Smith (as Nicholas Willis), Jill Teed (as Reneé Coté), Elise Neal (as Debra Graham), Kim Delaney (as Maggie McConnell) Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama Distributor: Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Producer: Tom Jacobson Cinematography: Stephen H. Burum Editor: Paul Hirsch Estimated Budget: US$ - 90,000,000 Studio: Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment
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