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Night at the Museum

Directed by: Shawn Levy Written by: Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon Release date: 2006-12-17 Cast: Ben Stiller (as Larry Daley), Carla Gugino (as Rebecca), Dick Van Dyke (as Cecil), Mickey Rooney (as Gus), Bill Cobbs (as Reginald), Jake Cherry (as Nick Daley), Ricky Gervais (as Dr. McPhee), Robin Williams (as Theodore Roosevelt), Kim Raver (as Erica Daley), Patrick Gallagher (as Attila the Hun) Genre: Family, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Museums and art galleries, Adventure Comedy, Fantasy Adventure Distributor: 20th Century Fox Producer: Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, Shawn Levy Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro Editor: Don Zimmerman Estimated Budget: US$ - 110,000,000 Studio: 20th Century Fox, 1492 Pictures
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