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Notting Hill (film)

Directed by: Roger Michell Written by: Richard Curtis Release date: 1999-05-13 Cast: Julia Roberts (as Anna Scott), Hugh Grant (as William Thacker), Richard McCabe (as Tony), Rhys Ifans (as Spike), James Dreyfus (as Martin), Mischa Barton (as 12-Year-Old Actress), Tim McInnerny (as Max), Gina McKee (as Bella), Emma Chambers (as Honey), Hugh Bonneville (as Bernie) Genre: Romantic comedy, Comedy, Romance Film Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: Duncan Kenworthy Cinematography: Michael Coulter Editor: Nick Moore Estimated Budget: US$ - 42,000,000 Studio: Caravan Pictures, Working Title Films, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Awards: BAFTA Orange Film of the Year
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