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Pulp Fiction

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino Written by: Quentin Tarantino Release date: 1994-10-14 Cast: John Travolta (as Vincent Vega), Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules Winnfield), Tim Roth (as Pumpkin - Ringo), Amanda Plummer (as Honey Bunny-Yolanda), Eric Stoltz (as Lance), Bruce Willis (as Butch Coolidge), Ving Rhames (as Marsellus Wallace), Phil LaMarr (as Marvin), Maria de Medeiros (as Fabienne), Rosanna Arquette (as Jody) Genre: Crime Fiction, Black comedy, Gangster, Crime Thriller, Indie, Thriller, Crime, Crime Comedy, Ensemble Film, Drama Distributor: Miramax Films, Miramax Home Entertainment, FilmFlex - 1994 - United Kingdom - Streaming media Producer: Lawrence Bender Cinematography: Andrzej Sekula Editor: Sally Menke Estimated Budget: US$ - 8,500,000 Awards: Palme d'OrAcademy Award for Best Original ScreenplayIndependent Spirit Award for Best FeatureBAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting RoleIndependent Spirit Award for Best DirectorIndependent Spirit Award for Best ScreenplayIndependent Spirit Award for Best Male LeadNational Board of Review Award for Best DirectorNational Board of Review Award for Best FilmNew York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Director Awards Won:
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