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Sarah Brightman

Discography:Dive, Fly, The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection, Timeless, Eden, The Songs That Got Away, La Luna, Classics, Harem, Harem Genre: Operatic pop, Symphonic metal, Symphonic rock, Crossover, New Age music, Electronica, Folk music, Rock music, Techno, Pop music Film Performances:Repo! the Genetic Opera, The Harem World Tour: Live From Las Vegas, One Night in Eden, La Luna: Live in Concert, Symphony: Live in Vienna, Sarah Brightman: In Concert, A Gala Christmas in Vienna, Diva: The Video Collection, Sarah Brightman Special: Harem: A Desert Fantasy, Sarah Brightman: Diva: The Video Collection Personal Information: Sara Brightman Born on Aug 14, 1960 in Berkhamsted Professions: Singer, Actor, Songwriter Nationality: England
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