Topic: Series 7: The Contenders

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Series 7: The Contenders

Directed by: Dan Minahan Written by: Dan Minahan Release date: 2001-01-20 Cast: Brooke Smith (as Dawn), Michael Kaycheck (as Tony), Marylouise Burke (as Connie), Richard Venture (as Franklin), Donna Hanover (as Sheila), Merritt Wever (as Lindsay), Glenn Fitzgerald (as Jeff), Angelina Phillips (as Doria), Tom Gilroy (as Dawn's Cameraman), Stephen Michael Rinaldi (as Craig) Genre: Black comedy, Satire, Thriller, Comedy, Parody, Action Producer: Christine Vachon, Joana Vicente, Jason Kliot, Katie Roumel Cinematography: Randy Drummond Editor: Malcolm Jamieson
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