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She's out of My League

Directed by: Jim Field Smith Written by: John Morris, Sean Anders Release date: 2010-03-11 Cast: Jay Baruchel (as Kirk Kettner), Alice Eve (as Molly), Mike Vogel (as Jack), Krysten Ritter (as Patty), Lindsay Sloane (as Marnie), Debra Jo Rupp (as Mrs. Kettner), Jasika Nicole (as Wendy), Geoff Stults (as Cam), Hayes MacArthur (as Ron), Andrew Daly (as Mr. Fuller) Genre: Romantic comedy, Romance Film, Comedy Distributor: DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures Producer: David B. Householter, Eric L. Gold, Jimmy Miller Cinematography: Jim Denault Editor: Dan Schalk Estimated Budget: US$ - 25,000,000 Studio: DreamWorks
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