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Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell Written by: John Cameron Mitchell Release date: 2006-10-13 Cast: Paul Dawson (as James), PJ DeBoy (as Jamie), Jay Brannan (as Ceth), Sook-Yin Lee (as Sofia), Peter Stickles (as Caleb,the Stalker), Jonathan Caouette (as Blondie-Grabber), Lindsay Beamish (as Severin), Raphael Barker (as Rob), Alan Mandell (as Tobias,the Mayor), Adam Hardman (as Jesse,the John) Genre: Drama, Erotica, Indie, Comedy, LGBT, Sex comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance film Distributor: THINKFilm Producer: John Cameron Mitchell, Tim Perell, Howard Gertler Cinematography: Frank DeMarco Editor: Brian A. Kates Studio: THINKFilm Subject of films: Gifted and Challenged: The Making of Shortbus
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