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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Directed by: William Shatner Written by: William Shatner, Harve Bennett, Gene Roddenberry, David Loughery Release date: 1989-06-09 Part of Series: Star Trek Cast: Leonard Nimoy (as Spock), James Doohan (as Montgomery Scott), George Takei (as Hikaru Sulu), William Shatner (as James T. Kirk), DeForest Kelley (as Leonard McCoy), Nichelle Nichols (as Uhura), Charles Cooper (as Gen. Korrd), Laurence Luckinbill (as Sybok), Todd Bryant (as Capt. Klaa), Cynthia Gouw (as Caithlin Dar) Genre: Science Fiction, Western, Adventure, Space western Distributor: Paramount Pictures Producer: Harve Bennett Cinematography: Andrew Laszlo, Andrew Laszlo Editor: Peter E. Berger Estimated Budget: US$ - 27,800,000 Studio: Paramount Pictures Awards: Razzie Award for Worst ActorRazzie Award for Worst DirectorRazzie Award for Worst Picture
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